7 Suggestions for Those Going on a Vacation to Cyprus

7 suggestions for those going on a vacation to cyprus






    In order to have a marvellous holiday in Cyprus, it is important to prepare the best holiday plan. This beautiful island country will offer the rest to you anyway. We are talking about a fascinating holiday paradise. Accordingly, it is beneficial to explore certain matters beforehand. You may travel from Turkey to Cyprus without a passport or a visa.

    First of all, buy your airplane ticket beforehand for an economical vacation. Arrange your accommodation beforehand as well. If you prefer a calm holiday, there are perfect villa alternatives. You should then definitely consider renting a villa. We have some suggestions for you if you will go on a holiday to Cyprus;

    1. Cyprus is a very hot island country. The months of September-October-April-May are the best times for a holiday.

    2. You may prefer traveling to the island by ferryboat for a more economical transportation.

    3. You should arrange your accommodation beforehand. Rental houses will be economical and comfortable for accommodation.

    4. The most comfortable and economical option for transportation is renting a car (traffic flows from the left side).

    5. It is beneficial to be careful about Cyprus night life and night clubs in order not to spend too much.

    6. You will be more comfortable if you divide your Cyprus holiday into two, being as beach pleasure and sightseeing (at least 5 days).

    7. You should definitely have a hat and sunscreen in order to be protected from the sun. Cyprus sun is very effective.

    Where to Visit, What to Eat and Drink in Cyprus?

    On every corner of Cyprus, there are places where you may have great time. Nicosia, Trikomo, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Karpas, Lefka, Güzelyurt are the cities that you should definitely visit.

    Once you visit Cyprus, don’t return without;

    • Enjoying the sea in Golden Beach, Famagusta, Cyprus,

    • Exploring secret caves at Konnos bay,

    • Visiting Alagadi beach, a wonder of nature,

    • Tasting halloumi cheese and types of coffee in Cyprus,

    • Eating peach (Sheftalia) kebab and kleftiko

    • Seeing Nicosia castle, Bellapais abbey and Salamis ancient city

    •Lastly visit one of Döveç Construction Offices.

    If you go on a holiday to Cyprus, you may rent a villa in the most beautiful holiday areas of Cyprus at very affordable prices. You should first of all arrange your accommodation while planning a holiday. You may consider Döveç Construction’s real estate opportunities in order to rent a luxury house at an affordable price. You should definitely go through this article of ours regarding rental houses that may fit well with your budget.

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