Northern Cyprus Flat Prices

northern cyprus flat prices






    You Can Buy Houses from Completed Projects

    If you want to live at any place in Cyprus, you can use the service content for buying home from the projects we completed. The houses where modern architectural aesthetics are used are presented to you as a special design. The necessary support is also given in terms of price and ease of payment. Private villa options are offered to you with a garden. In this way, it provides an opportunity to have a pleasant life. All of the projects are in the construction phase and quality materials are used and services are provided within the legal framework. The villas are offered to you in the sight of the sea and nature. It will be a quality choice for those who will live in the region for a long time. By choosing it, you can reach the result by taking advantage of the affordable price policy.

    Sea View Flats

    There are also flat options with sea view in the city centre. Whether you can buy and live in it or rent it. All flats are clean and well-maintained. Moreover, since they are located in the city centre, you can easily reach to the desired region with transport services. You can find everything you are looking for easily with social facilities around you. Rental house options are also available as furnished. If you are going to stay as a student, choosing this type of rental house will be ideal. The flats have an elevator, parking space and camera systems. By this means you will have a comfortable life. There are also flat options for students located close to the university. In this regard, you can also increase the quality of your life without the hassle of transportation.

    The Prices of Flats

    The prices of flats vary according to the project and location. In addition, with 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 options, all the social facilities are available within the projects offered to you. By this means it also gives you the opportunity to live a comfortable life. Prices of rental flats are determined economically and those who prefer furnished flats for rent are assisted with a special price option. Our company is in the leading position within the real estate sector as well as in the most preferred group. This is why you receive help exclusively to quickly find the flat you are looking for. You can contact and get the necessary information.

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