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    There are also many real estate agencies where there is a high demand for renting or purchasing. Our company was established for this purpose and has become a leader in the sector. All real estate agencies are trying to rent out a large number of furnished flats such as 1+1 and 2+1, primarily to female students. Our company has the best rental house options for all its customers, which are suitable for their purpose of being in Cyprus and where they will not have transportation problems. It has succeeded in being reliable in the sector by providing unlimited services to all its customers in rental and purchase transactions.

    Houses for Rent

    Transportation in Cyprus is quite easy. However, we still have a large number of Nicosia rental house advertisements for students in areas within walking distance of the university. For those who come for a holiday, it offers more luxurious, wider house and villa options. Our company is able to get in touch with the landlords so that they can rent as much as possible to their customers. It is seen that rental prices are constantly variable, as rental transactions are usually made by foreign people who come to the country for a short time.

    Residence in Nicosia

    One of the most beautiful places in Cyprus, Nicosia is constantly visited by many people for reasons such as trade, education and travel. In Nicosia, where large hotels and entertainment centers are located, foreigners who come most of the time cannot find a place for accommodation in hotels and they have a comfortable stay by renting a house on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Our company offers different rental house options in every part of the city to people who want to rent. It offers the most luxurious villa options as a furnished house rental option for those who come for entertainment.

    Nicosia is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is one of the most beautiful settlements on the island. It hosts a large number of foreigners at the same time with its famous entertainment centers, touristic places and large universities. Foreigners who come to the TRNC for entertainment prefer to rent a house for a day instead of a hotel in order to be more comfortable. Those who view the Cyprus rental house Nicosia ads will see many comfortable and luxurious apartments with or without furniture. Since there are many students coming from abroad for university education in Nicosia, there is always a need for a rental house.