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Real Estate in Kyrenia

Kyrenia is one of the regions that attract the most tourists in the TRNC and has the best natural beauties. As in all parts of Cyprus, a large part of the population in Kyrenia consists of students who are studying. Insufficient number of houses causes people to constantly search for houses and increases house prices. Due to the high real estate prices and high rental income, most of the people invest in real estate. Those who have savings buy houses and try to provide additional income by renting them out.

Real Estate Industry

The real estate sector, especially in the Kyrenia region of Cyprus, is very active and provides high returns to its investors. High house prices in Kyrenia, insufficient number of houses and high rates of construction material prices. Our company is constantly developing new projects in Kyrenia and other cities in order to meet the housing needs. In addition, we provide real estate consultancy services and contact between buyers and sellers, and ensure that transactions are carried out safely.

Living in Kyrenia

Living in Kyrenia can be seen as a privilege. In order to live in a holiday area and not have transportation problems, people want to live close to the areas related to their work. Local citizens want to buy the best houses at the most affordable prices. In many parts of Kyrenia, there are many houses and villas bought for investment purposes and given to the tourists for daily rent. The high number of tourists causes the rental system to be in constant demand. Our company helps all people in both house selling and house rental and tries to provide price advantage to people.

Cyprus, which has the title of "Pearl of the Mediterranean", attracts the attention of people all over the world with its natural beauties, beaches, beaches and vegetation. Kyrenia is one of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus and the presence of many entertainment centers and the best universities here causes people to come from abroad. Seeing a continuous population growth directs many individual and institutional investors to the real estate field. "House for sale in Cyprus" Advertisements for Kyrenia have been increasing lately. New projects made by real estate companies have been completed and offered for sale by companies or investors who have bought it before.