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    Buying a House

    Our company has a selection of houses for sale with various features in all regions of Nicosia. In order not to get lost in the listings of houses for sale in Cyprus "Find Your Home Without Getting Lost in Cyprus Houses For Sale" Don't forget to visit our page. Local people prefer houses with larger dimensions in order to buy a house where they can live permanently. Those who want to buy a house for investment purposes prefer more economical houses such as 1+1 and 2+1 so that they can be rented more easily. The biggest reason why investors prefer them is that the majority of the population living in Nicosia consists of students and they want to rent these houses to students.

    Real Estate Companies

    The real estate sector is one of the most active sectors in Cyprus. Our company has been a pioneer in this sector and many real estate companies are trying to provide services. It is known that those who want to buy or rent a house are primarily looking for a real estate agent that they can trust. Our company has become a well-known and trusted company throughout Cyprus in this regard. It is seen that many foreign companies, as well as domestic construction companies, are making new projects in Nicosia.

    Real Estate in Nicosia

    Since Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, it has the feature of being the most populated city of the country, where many transactions are made. The continuous increase in the population causes the need for real estate to increase at the same rate. Those who want to invest or stay for a long time follow the house options for sale. Those who want to spend a certain part of the year in Cyprus either make short-term rentals or buy a house at an affordable price and rent it out on a monthly basis when they are not in Cyprus.

    Our young homeland, Cyprus, is one of the largest island countries in the Mediterranean. The majority of people in Cyprus live in houses left by their families. However, newly married people or people who have to live in Cyprus for various reasons need to find a new house and new houses should be built in order to meet these needs. Due to the fact that it is an island country, the supply of various products and bringing the products to the country cause extra costs, causing increases in house prices. Despite these situations, as Döveç Construction, we keep the real estate prices affordable and offer easy payment options with options suitable for their budgets to those who will buy a house from our company.