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What Should We Pay Attention to When Buying a House in Cyprus?

• Title deed registry should be examined.


• Who owns the property should be investigated.


• Existing shareholding ratios for housing should be investigated.


• It should be found out if there is a right to use on the property.


• Whether there is a mortgage on the property should be investigated.


• Whether there is an injunction regarding the selling of the house should be investigated.


• Whether there is construction servitude should be investigated.


• Whether the establishment of the housing constitute an obstacle should be investigated.


• Whether the independent section is registered at the title deed should be investigated.


• The square measure of the flat should be checked.


• The management plan of the housing should be considered.


• The title deeds imposed by the contractor of the landlord on which the property is located must be examined and confirmed.

The Importance of Zoning When Buying a Flat

• It is necessary to look at the development plans of the residence and if there are plans for the upper scale development.


• Whether the building has a construction permit must be checked.


• Whether the main part of the property and, if any, independent area is suitable for the existing project.


• Whether there is tax debt relating to the house should be checked


• The current estate declaration value of the property should be checked.


• Whether there is a situation that may be subject to the decision of the Memorial Board of Housing should be investigated.


• Whether there is a resolution of ISKI and The Ministry of Environment and Forestry regarding the house should be investigated.


• Whether there is a problem related to the settlement of the house should be investigated.


• The earthquake situation in the area where the house is located should be investigated.


Why Should The House Be Preferred in Cyprus?

Cyprus has become a favourite option for individual entrepreneurs or investors looking to have many houses in recent years. One of the main reasons for this claim is the fair price policy. The first thing each buyer does is to compare the area of his/her home with the area in which he/she thinks to buy a house. The Cyprus housing market is now attractive to buyers at incredibly affordable prices. The attractiveness of Cyprus in residential preference is not just the affordable price policy for sure. The factors such as the city's silhouette, sea, calmness, safety, climate attracts the buyers to Cyprus. Banks that are aware of this tendency help house buyers for housing credits. A Turkish citizen is now able to buy a house easily from Cyprus and all durations of transactions can be shorter.