Cyprus Market Prices 2022

cyprus market prices 2022






    Northern Cyprus is slightly different from  Turkey in terms of markets. Markets like A101 or BİM, which are popular, are  not available in Cyprus. This causes market prices to vary from market to  market. It is possible to find different products at lower or higher prices in  different markets, since there are no price stabilizers in large markets.

    However, the prices in Cyprus are generally  close to the prices in Turkey. To have clearer information about Cyprus market  prices in 2022, you can take a look at the product prices below;

    • 1 bread  7.50 TL
    • 500 gr  pasta 8,00 TL
    • 800 gr  granulated sugar 23.75 TL
    • 1-liter  sunflower oil 59.00 TL
    • 15 eggs  40.50 TL
    • 1 kg of  flour 30.50 TL
    • 1000 gr  rice 37.50 TL
    • 500 g  full-fat cheese 79.50 TL
    • 8800 gr black  olives 60.50 TL
    • 700 gr  tomato paste 25.50 TL
    • 500 gr  tourist tea 64.50 TL

    However, life in Cyprus is generally  easier. This compatibility continues not only in terms of market prices but  also in terms of other vital resources. For example, vehicle and gasoline  prices are much more affordable than in Turkey. In this respect, many people  come to this beautiful island country for holiday or for life and evaluate  their Cyprus house for sale or rental options.

    Kıbrısta Marketlerde Olan Değişik Ürünler Nelerdir

    What are the Different Products in the  Markets in Cyprus?

    Halloumi cheese is one of the products that  are not available in Turkey but are popular in Cypriot markets. It is possible  to find various kinds of halloumi cheese in markets. Bloom juices are very  fresh, freshly squeezed juices and are available in abundance in Cypriot  markets. Çakistes is one of the market products unique to Cyprus as a pickled  olive variety. Bikla sauce is also a special flavor that you can find in  Cypriot markets. Zwan, a kind of salami, is also among the popular products of  the markets.

    Walnut paste is one of the local delicacies  you can find in the markets. Original English tea is also one of the special  products you can find in the markets. Cyprus coffee is among the products that  you can buy from the markets, offering a different taste with its special  aroma. Different products that you must buy when you go to the market in  Cyprus;

    • Hellim  cheese
    • Knifes
    • Bikla  Sauce
    • Zwan
    • English  Tea
    • Cyprus  Coffee
    • Walnut  Paste
    • British  Chocolate

    What Differences Does Living in Cyprus Offer?

    What Differences Does Living in Cyprus Offer

    Cyprus is first and foremost a peaceful and happy island country. In addition to being a holiday paradise, life on the  island is high quality and beautiful. Different tourists, students and  residents of Cyprus from all over the world create a culturally pleasant  atmosphere. It may be possible to live a more luxurious life in Cyprus with  less cost.

    Especially the low cost of housing makes  the idea of ​​buying a house in Cyprus attractive. Luxury residences offered by  new housing projects can be purchased at very good prices. The geographical and  climatic conditions of the island are also excellent. There are sunny days for  almost 12 months of the year.

    The developing Cyprus economy provides many  advantages to foreign investors. The island of Cyprus makes a difference with  its quality of life in European standards. Advantages of living in Cyprus;

    • Living a  more luxurious and quality life more economically
    • Being a  citizen of the world thanks to global culture
    • Four  seasons of sunny days
    • A  stress-free life with peaceful and happy people
    • Advantages  for foreign investors

    How to Buy Cheap Luxury Housing in  Cyprus?

    How to Buy Cheap Luxury Housing in Cyprus

    The most reliable and affordable luxury  residences in Cyprus can be found under the guidance of Döveç, the successful  company of housing projects. Different types of housing can be evaluated  according to the budget. You can find housing options such as holiday homes,  villas and apartments among Döveç opportunities.

    You can own a house in the paradise island  of Cyprus by taking advantage of the payment facilities and various advantages.  Buying a house in Cyprus can also be considered an investment. Because you can  rent the house you own on the island, which is always dynamic in terms of  tourism. Some of the cheap and luxury housing opportunities in Cyprus;

    • La Isla  Villas 5+1 Villa for Sale
    • Cyprus  Iskele Four Seasons Life Villa for Sale Sea Gate
    • 2+1  Holiday Homes for Sale in Iskele Long Beach, North Cyprus
    • Long Beach  Panorama Studio Apartment
    • Long Beach  Panorama 1+1 Flat for Sale
    • Four  Seasons Life-II 1+1 Flat for Sale Sea Storm
    • Four  Seasons Life-II 2+1 Flat for Sale Sea Star
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