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    The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an island country and the majority of its population consists of students. As such, TRNC real estate tries to create rental and sale house options from points close to the university in order to eliminate the transportation problem. Our company provides quality services by making both rental and real estate sales transactions. Due to the large student population and the fact that it is a touristic region, many foreign people come and go, causing constant variability in real estate prices in Cyprus. There is no specific price range, especially in day-to-day rentals. It depends on the agreement between the landlord and the tenant

    Cyprus Real Estate News

    TRNC is one of the best investment countries in real estate. Russia, England, Israel and Turkey are among the countries that invest in real estate in this country. While the return on real estate investments in other countries can be between 20 and 30 years, real estate investment returns in Cyprus are 10 – It takes place over a period of 12 years. The fact that this period is short creates an attraction for foreign investors. In addition, Cyprus, which has a lot of natural beauties, attracts people here for both vacation and education. In order to meet the housing needs of people, real estate agencies can find a house for rent or sale with the features you are looking for.

    Houses for Rent

    Our company offers furnished or unfurnished rental houses according to the needs of people in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Furnished and 1+1 houses generally attract more attention as the population is composed of students. Those who prefer Cyprus for their holidays, on the other hand, use furnished villa rental options in order to have a more economical and more comfortable holiday with their loved ones and families.

    Houses For Sale

    We are a company that has served in the real estate field in the TRNC for many years, is able to control the market and is a pioneer in the sector. We develop projects of normal houses, comfortable and luxurious houses according to their settlement locations and sell them safely to the houses we build and the houses you are trying to sell. Before you buy a house, you should pay attention to the formation of mutual trust. Home buyers will be able to find a home according to their budget. First of all, it is necessary to determine from which region and for what purpose you want to buy a house.

    Cyprus Real Estate Projects

    Döveç Construction is always ready to implement all the real estate projects you are looking for in Cyprus for you.

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