Cyprus Real Estate Opportunities 2019

cyprus real estate opportunities 2019





After the real estate law regulation in Cyprus, new projects have started to be developed. Data on all our projects and real estate opportunities are on the projects page  ; is located. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can buy a house or villa for yourself at low prices. There are many reasons for you to invest in Cyprus. You can start your investments by evaluating many reasons such as the fact that Cyprus is a holiday region, its sea, nature, and the annual tourist flow. In recent years, many foreign investors have chosen Cyprus for real estate and they have made their investments through our company.

Our Projects

We have been serving in the Cyprus real estate market for many years. As Döveç Construction, we are trying to realize big projects in the best investment regions. Our company creates real estate opportunities in Cyprus and ensures that all its customers own real estate at low costs. We have residences for your every need in all regions of Cyprus. We find the best real estate for you from the regions you want to buy and offer them to you. You can find luxury summer houses, villas and apartments on our website and compare prices.

Real Estate Prices

In Cyprus real estate opportunities, we show you the apartments we have built as 1+0, 1+1, 2+1, 3+1. Real estate prices vary according to the region where the real estate is located. The prices of flats start from £40 thousand, while the prices of villa-type buildings start from £150 thousand. The prices of the projects of our company close to the sea are a little high. Your houses, which you will buy at affordable prices, will become more valuable in a short time thanks to the developments in the real estate field in Cyprus. You can rent the apartments you buy at high prices and earn monthly income.

Investment for Tourism

Cyprus is one of the best places to invest with its nature and climate. You can evaluate all investment opportunities such as Cyprus real estate opportunities. Our company helps you in transactions such as purchasing and leasing, especially in real estate investments. With its sea, beach and entertainment venues, more tourists come every year. The insufficient number of hotels causes many visitors to prefer daily or monthly house rental methods. You can earn high income in a short time by renting the flats or villas you will buy on a daily basis. We rent all your Real Estates and help you.

Foreigners' Interest

Cyprus attracts the attention of foreigners in every aspect. Cyprus law allows foreigners to own real estate. It is easier for Turkish citizens to transact. When you buy a residence in Cyprus, you will be able to obtain an annual residence permit. Under normal circumstances, you can purchase one house in Cyprus. However, when you establish a company in any sector in Cyprus, you will be able to buy more than one residence. By developing luxury projects, our company offers you the best real estate investment opportunities in the most beautiful places. You can review real estate for sale and rental real estate advertisements on our company website. After you have determined the house you want to buy, you can contact us and start all the purchasing processes immediately.