Wed, 18 Oct - 15:30
trnc house and villa prices
Cyprus Real Estate

Every year, foster land Cyprus, which welcomes domestic and foreign tourists from every part of the world, attracts attention in the...

Tue, 18 Jul - 17:00
what is rent withholding? how is it calculated?
Cyprus Real Estate

Rent withholding is a type of tax paid on income from real estate rental transactions. The rental withholding calculation varies...

Tue, 11 Jul - 17:00
what is a mortgage? in which situations is it used?
Cyprus Real Estate

A mortgage is a type of real estate security often used as a loan guarantee. When a mortgage is established, a particular property or...

Fri, 7 Jul - 08:35
what is floor ease? how is it created?
Cyprus Real Estate

Floor servitude is the process of registering independent sections that are still being built on a land or that have been completed but...

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