Döveç Construction

Over the years Döveç has expanded its portfolio of properties and has gained the trust of our customers not only in the TRNC but also abroad by presenting them with new modern ideas. To date we have constructed over 1000 buildings for businesses and families, including the completion of all paperwork and transfer of the title deeds. We are also one of the few companies to have a First Class Constructon Building Licence from the Northern Cypriot Goverment. We have in the last 5 years expanded our group to include our sister company Arredo producing Kitchen and Home Furnishing and Alfam which is our Dormitory Project in the Eastern Mediterranean University. We are also proud of Döveç Fitness Centre which is based at one of the our amazing project Park View Towers in Yeniboğaziçi.

Our company was established in 1989 by our founder Muharrem Döveç who brought with him 20 years previous experience in the construction business. Not only did Muharrem work in the Title Deed Offices but he was also a member of the Turkish Cypriot Builders and Construction Association. The combination of his experience and expertise resulted in many quality construction projects. Muharrem’s experience laid the foundations of the business as it is today with its remarkable reputation for quality constructions, innovative ideas and excellent customer care.

Quality Policy


    To provide the best service by raising the quality level continuously.


    We will be with you for any problems that may arise after sales and for professional support you may need.


    We are here to fulfill our clients' expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Döveç Construction?

Döveç Construction has developed safe, comfortable, nature-conscious new living spaces with its professional team, and has managed to become one of the leading companies in its sector in Northern Cyprus.
Why Choose Döveç Construction?

Döveç Group

30 Years of Trust and Quality

Döveç Group invests in very high value-added sectors, develop buildings by its Döveç Construction division, produce kitchens and home furnishings by its Arredo Design division, provide dormitory services to students by its Alfam Dormitories division, provides fitness services by its Döveç Fitness Centers division, sells vehicles with its Auto Trend division and provide reliable after sale utilities and services by its DCS division.

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