Döveç Construction and Is Bank

döveç construction and is bank





Agreement Dividing Big Houses into Small Installments with the Cooperation of Döveç Construction and İş Bank

Döveç Construction, the leading company of the construction industry in Northern Cyprus, has reached an agreement with Türkiye İş Bankası for a 10-year Mortgage Loan so that everyone can easily become a home owner from the Corner Park Project.

Döveç Construction Director Burçin Döveç, as the pioneer and leader company of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has set out with the mission of making everyone a home owner, with İşbank, one of the biggest and most reliable banks in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. ;We Are Owners, Not Tenants" He emphasized that they signed a Housing Loan agreement with the motto of making a home owner easily, payment plans can be created according to the purchasing power of everyone, and that there will be a 10-year loan opportunity, not 5 years. He stated that our customers can rent out the installments of the house they will buy, if they wish, and amortize the loan installments with the rental income of the house in 10-12 years.


Constructed in the very center of Famagusta, Corner Park opens the doors of a unique life to its customers with its architecture designed by bringing together the smallest details.

It's time to add color to your life with the social living areas around it, technological infrastructure equipped with the latest systems and security equipment...

With its modern architecture, 2 or 3 bedroom options, you can experience a brand new lifestyle, a peaceful, high quality and warm family atmosphere in ‘Corner Park’ project is meeting with you. With this project, which is only 2 minutes walking distance from the education center, shopping center, pharmacy, hospital and bus stop, we provide you with the pleasure of luxury life in the heart of the city.

Note: Valid until 30 November 2017.