Döveç at the Cityscape Property Exhibition

döveç at the cityscape property exhibition






    Döveç Construction was present at the event on the 24-26 March, held at the Istanbul Convention Centre, Turkey. It was a great opportunity for our company to meet with real estate developers, private and institutional investors, architects, consultants and other real estate providers. A number of other developers from North Cyprus and Goldmark Estate Agent, who we collaboratively work with, were also present.

    Since Turkey opened its doors to foreign investors in 2012, Cityscape events have been instrumental in facilitating investment in the Turkey’s real estate market. After attending the Cityscape Exhibition in Kuwait in Dubai in 2015 the impetus was in place for our participation in the Turkish event. We attended with the view of expanding Turkey’s real estate options to include North Cyprus and the feedback received was encouraging.

    We also wanted to get a feel for the market in Turkey which boasts the sixth largest economy in Europe and has become an economically secure real estate destination, to see if we could learn any lessons for our marketing strategies.

    Turkey has a diverse mix of modern development with ancient history and has built crucial geopolitical relationships within the global community which has encouraged stability and growth coupled with their thriving tourism sector, which has resulted in Turkey establishing itself as the world’s sixth most favourable tourist destination. This places Turkey in an enviable position which we can possibly only dream of replicating.

    There is an interest, however, in the North Cyprus market due to the attractive low prices and favourable terms offered to those wishing to invest in business opportunities. Other reasons for choosing North Cyprus are its safe and peaceful environment with relatively no crime. The growth in student numbers in the TRNC educational establishments over the last few years is also fueling the market and our tourism sector is on the increase with the government paving the way for further development in this area.

    We have recently successfully signed contracts with a number of interested business investors who have also seen the potential in the market for apartments. Investors wishing to purchase holiday or student accommodation or discuss our investment projects please contact the Döveç Construction’s sales team.

    It is hoped that by contributing to this prestigious event will help to establish North Cyprus as a viable real estate destination. We made many contacts at the events and invite investors from Turkey to view our real estate options.



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