Döveç Fitness Center

Döveç Fitness Center continues to serve the people of the region at Park View Towers in Yeniboğaziçi region since 2015 with its modern and wide equipment options, membership opportunities for the needs, hygienic working environment and expert trainer staff. You can get support from our professional trainers in the area you want, together with the Spinning - TRX - Aerobics and Fitness center located in an area of ​​​​410m2.


Thanks to the different class hours and options, you will be able to benefit from all sports activities on the days that suit you. In addition, if you wish, you can do your training with your personal trainer during the working hours that you will determine and you can have the form you want in a short and fast time. As Döveç Fitness, we are proud to offer you the products of the world's best brands in order to serve you better. You can purchase the products of Dymatize, Scitec, Hard Line, FA and many other companies from the sales department in our hall at any time.