Döveç Group Didn't Forget Our Dear Friends at Pier

döveç group didn't forget our dear friends at pier






    Döveç Group, which stands out with the importance it attaches to social responsibility projects, visited the İskele Dog Shelter this time. Döveç Group employees, who regularly visit our dear friends, spent time with the lovely friends in the shelter and provided food support during the visit to Iskele Dog Shelter _ IVAR SHELTER.

    Döveç Group employees paid close attention to our dear friends. A pleasant time was spent with our dear friends, who spread joy around with love and interest. Iskele Dog Shelter _ Consultation was held with IVAR SHELTER Shelter officials about adoption and shelter needs. In the upcoming period, Döveç Group employees' shelter officials and  The road map to be followed for the adoption of the lovely friends in the shelter was determined in cooperation.

    Döveç Group employees thanked the shelter authorities for their interest and concern, and stated that they would continue to work to support our lovely friends and to raise awareness in society about shelter needs and adoption. He invited all segments of the society to visit and support these shelters, which host our live friends.

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