Döveç Group: Our Commitment to Animals is Not Limited to Just One Day!

döveç group: our commitment to animals is not limited to just one day!






    October 4th, World Animal Protection Day, is not just another day on the calendar for Döveç Group; it is also an opportunity to fulfill their social responsibilities and strengthen their commitment to animals. On this special day, during their visit to the İskele Shelter, they showed their support for our furry friends by providing them with treats that brought joy to their hearts. Döveç Group, driven by a sense of social responsibility, emphasized their dedication to promoting the welfare of animals. This visit by Döveç Group was a significant step that concretely demonstrated the company's solidarity with animals and their sensitivity to this issue. This action highlighted that Döveç Group is not just a corporate entity but also a family deeply committed to animal rights and welfare, reaffirming the importance they place on these values.

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