Famagusta, the Shining Star of Cyprus

famagusta, the shining star of cyprus






    Famagusta Houses

    Our options for houses for sale in Cyprus Famagusta are located close to the city center. When buying or renting a house, you should always make sure that it is in a central location. Because your life will be easier according to transportation opportunities and your investment will gain value continuously. For Famagusta real estate investments, you can evaluate the studio apartment options we offer. Our Döveç construction company is trying to provide uninterrupted service to all its customers and our experienced teams will bring you the most suitable options according to the features you are looking for. You can find flat options from 1+1 to 3+1 and 4+1.

    Houses For Sale

    Many investors contact us first for homes for sale in Cyprus Magosa. Our customer potential is wide due to the services we provide in the sector. Our house price options for sale consist of prices starting from 200 thousand TL for apartments. Those who want to buy luxury apartments or villas will be able to find many options with prices of 600 thousand TL and above, depending on the region they choose. In our own projects, security camera systems are installed for the security systems of the buildings. There are building parking lots in our projects.

    How to Buy?

    You can choose houses for sale in Famagusta, Cyprus, by examining the ads for sale on our website. You can contact us for the house you like and buy it at affordable prices and start the deed delivery process immediately. If you are looking for a house for sale from different regions, our experts will do research for you and will find a house with the features you are looking for in a short time. Our teams will assist you in all transactions for the houses you want to buy. In order to expand your investments and buy more houses, you will need to establish a company in Cyprus, albeit in different sectors, according to Cyprus real estate laws. If you have a company, you can buy more than one house.

    Investment in Cyprus

    The number of investments in real estate has increased rapidly in recent years. Foreigners mostly want to benefit from these investments. Since the Famagusta region of Cyprus is the most suitable region in terms of tourism, Turkish investors are more interested in the advertisements of houses for sale in Famagusta. Our company itself develops new projects and builds new luxury houses. By choosing from our new projects, you can make your investments at low costs and buy the house you want. Since those who prefer Cyprus for vacation or education will need a rental house, you can recycle the houses you buy by renting them out. Our company will be with you in purchasing and leasing processes.


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