Great Contribution from Döveç Group to the Promotion of the Country

Great Contribution from Döveç Group to the Promotion of the Country





Famous German producer Rabih Rabea shot the music video for Prince Amaho in Northern Cyprus. It is known that the Producer, who has organized major events in different parts of the world, introduced many influencers to Northern Cyprus for his shoot.

Sponsored by Döveç Group, Four Vision Development and Noyanlar Group, the shooting takes place in Famagusta, Iskele and Karpaz Regions. It is expected that the required clip will be recorded in Northern Cyprus, and the shares made by the influencers who came for the shooting will contribute greatly to the promotion of the country. It is said behind the scenes that the clip will discuss the fact that a foreign person lives in Northern Cyprus. In the field of broadcasting the content of the song, Dean Jackson's capacity in this field is further enhanced by the expansion of the video. Your clip is being watched by many people in the USA and Europe. The video clip was directed by Helge Strass, who has undertaken many projects in this field. Helge Strass and his team shot in many locations across the island.

Sponsor companies (Döveç, Four Vision Development and Noyanlar), which have been carrying out their activities to promote the country in all target markets for many years, pioneered the production of the shoot in Northern Cyprus with the initiatives carried out through the famous producer, infrastructure and support for the video clip shooting. The clip is expected to contribute especially to tourism and real estate.

Döveç Group Director Burçin Döveç stated that they are in the real estate sector in all markets, in priority country promotion centers, and that they allocate serious budgets for these promotional activities. Stating that alternative marketing methods are very effective in the sector, Döveç drew attention to the rapid returns of promotions made through influencers. In this context, he mentioned that sharing the beauties of Northern Cyprus and participating in the meeting hosted during the shooting will contribute to the promotion of the country and the economy. Burçin Döveç expressed her gratitude to Noyanlar Group and Four Vision Development, who contributed to the realization of these promotional products together with Döveç Group at these events.

Producers, directors, actors and artists who came to the country expressed that they liked Northern Cyprus very much and wished them happiness. They expressed their gratitude to all sponsors for the excellent working environment and opportunities provided.

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