Guide to Residency in North Cyprus

guide to residency in north cyprus






    Although any valid right of residence or job application in Northern Cyprus for EU citizens has not come into effect yet, a 3-month visa is given for those who want to stay in Northern Cyprus and live in an environment with a piece of heaven. Those who want to stay in Northern Cyprus for more than 3 months need to obtain a residence permit and this permit process is done in a short and easy way.

    To obtain a residence permit, the documents listed below must be ready. The blood test document to be given to the police directorate (You will be checked whether you have any disease and the document will be approved and returned to you.) After you take your blood test document approved by the police to the Immigration Office in Nicosia, the procedures for the residence permit begin.

    Proof of residence will not be sufficient for you to establish or operate a business in Northern Cyprus. We will share our blog post where you can find different information about these processes in the future. The residence permit is issued for one year and is renewed every year.

    Required documents:

    • Real passport and its copy
    • Actual contract and photocopy of purchased or leased property
    • Address confirmation document to be obtained from the certifying officer
    • Bank account details
    • 2 passport photos
    • The marriage certificate is real and photocopy
    • Stamp fee (11TL)

    The address of the office where you will apply for a residence permit: Ministry of Interior, Department of Immigration – email: telephone 0090 392 611 1023.

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