Guide to Residency in North Cyprus

guide to residency in north cyprus





First you will need to visit your local police station and ask for the immigration department. You will need to produce a number of documents:


• Passport (original and photocopy)

• Contract of sale (title deeds) or rental contract (original and photocopy

• A letter from the local village chief to confirm your address

• Bank documents (showing name and latest balance)

• 2 passport photographs (not required for renewal)

• Married certificate if applicable (original and photocopy)

• Revenue Stamps (11TL)


The police will then refer you to a hospital for a health test. The test will check for infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis and TB. You will need to return to the police (with your test results - unopened) and they will refer you to the Immigration Office in Lefkoşa for your residency permit.


This residency permit entitles you to live in the TRNC. However, it does not entitle you to work or to set up a business. You will need a different permit for this. The residency permit is valid for 1 year and you must renew it every year.


Location of the Immigration Office in Lefkoşa: the car park is on Şehit Fevzi Mehmet Sokak. The office can be found in the building at the back of the bus station on the 3rd floor. Ministry of Interior, Immigration Department (Içişleri Bakanlığı, Muhaceret Dairesi) – email: telephone 0090 392 611 1023.