05 September 2019

House Prices in Cyprus

Real Estate Market

As house prices are high in Cyprus, it is hard for people to have their own house. As real estate companies increase in Cyprus, national and international companies make many projects and number of houses increase, house prices are balanced. To meet needing of the people, our company carries out budget-friendly projects in various areas. We provide service to every segment with affordable houses and comfortable luxurious villas.

Real Estate Companies in Cyprus

As Cyprus always allow immigrants and it is a tourism area, there is always a house need. As Cyprus is seen as a good investment area for real estate, many construction companies from England, Russia and Israel start to make investment. Many companies from our country carry out projects in Cyprus. This leads to build more luxurious houses with less prices.

Market Prices

Our company providing real estate service in Cyprus coordinates both the seller and the purchaser for sale and buy processes and keeps both parties harmless. With our agency service, we help the parties to carry out processes with affordable prices. Our professional teams help the sellers to determine the actual price of their houses and assist the buyers to find affordable houses in good areas. One of the most important reason of high price of houses in Cyprus is the low number of houses.

Sky Sakarya 3+1
£ 155,000
Sky Sakarya 3+1

Ref: 1440

  • 155 m2
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1
North Cyprus near Eastern Mediterranean University Investment 2 + 1 Apt 49
£ 50,000
Cyprus İskele Four Seasons Life - Sea Star
£ 122,000
  • 122 m2
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1