10 September 2019

Housing Insurance

Döveç Group Home Insurance guarantees your home and your belongings with the economic options you will be exposed to the most risks from fire, earthquake, theft to floods, electronic devices to personal accidents and third party responsibilities. The housing insurance, which covers both the building itself and the property in it, provides complete protection and ensures the assurance of risk situations. Different preferences can also be applied between being a landlord and a tenant. Tenants can only secure their belongings by using the item assurance option to protect their belongings.
Within the scope of Housing Insurance, we provide automatic guarantees with a single policy:

Securities under guarantee:
1. Building
2. Furniture
3. Valuable object
4. Guest object
5. Cash money and negotiable paperwork

Collaterals Offered:
1. Fire, lightning, explosion
2. Flood, flooding
3. Shift
4. Additional collateral for landslides - damage caused by excavations in the vicinity
5. Full
6. Earthquake
7. Theft

TERRACE PARK Daily Rental Apartment
₺ 400
TERRACE PARK Daily Rental Apartment

Ref: 1020

  • 82 m2
  • 0
  • 1
  • 1
North Cyprus near Eastern Mediterranean University Investment 2 + 1 Apt 49
£ 50,000
Cyprus İskele Four Seasons Life - Sea Pearl
£ 275,000
  • 215 m2
  • 3
  • 2
  • 2