Housing Insurance

housing insurance

Due to the epidemic disease COVID-19, which started to be seen in our country in 2020, people tried to protect their health by staying at home. By staying in our homes during this epidemic, we have seen how safe and important a home is.

However, since everyone's living conditions are not the same, their living spaces also differ. No matter what happens, we must secure the houses, which are our living spaces, and take our precautions against all kinds of dangers.

What is Home Insurance?

Home Insurance covers the house and its belongings from fire, theft, earthquake, flood etc. It is a comprehensive and personalized insurance application that protects against many risks.

If the house of the person taking out the insurance becomes uninhabitable, then the tenant may have to move or the landlord may be deprived of rental income. At the same time, the relocation and debris removal costs that may occur can create a great burden for the home owner. In such cases, having a housing policy will make your life much easier.

It doesn't matter whether you are a tenant or a home owner to have Home Insurance. Landlords can secure the goods and the building, while the tenant can only secure the goods. You can find detailed information and conditions in the home insurance policy.

Why Do You Need Home Insurance?

Thanks to the Home Insurance policy, you can have many privileges by covering the risks that may happen to you in your home. Moreover, you also insure the house and its belongings and the people living in the house.

In our changing world, disasters have become more common as a result of people polluting nature and over-using natural resources. In such disaster situations, our living spaces can be severely damaged. If we want to avoid loss or compensate for these damages that are beyond our control, we can take out a Home Insurance. In this way, natural disasters and sudden accidents will not cause us material damage.

At the same time, if your Home Insurance policy includes “neighboring liability”; If there is a guarantee under the name of your neighbor, the damage to your neighbor's house will be covered by the insurance company and your house will be flooded, fire in your house, etc. In case of danger, the loss of your neighbors is also covered by the insurance company.

What are the Coverages Offered in Housing Insurance?

Although the guarantees offered in the Home Insurance may differ within the scope of the contractual clauses requested by the customer, coverage services are generally provided in the following subjects:

  • Fire, lightning and explosion
  • Earthquake
  • Landslide
  • Unrest and popular movements
  • Flood and inundation
  • Full
  • Malicious acts and terrorism
  • Internal water
  • Strike and lockout
  • Internal water failures as a result of insufficient insulation
  • Internal water damage as a result of malfunctions in the air conditioning system and refrigerator
  • Collision of land, air and watercraft
  • Storm
  • Theft
  • Smoke
  • Fire liability
  • Snow weight and pressure
  • Abuse of employee safety
  • Breaking glass and mirrors
  • Physical damages
  • Legal protection
  • Electrical damages
  • Food spoilage due to electrical failure
  • Insurance applied in case of machine breakdown and breakage
  • Loss Rent
  • Debris removal costs
  • Fuel leak
  • Expenses for the purpose of residence
  • Paint, whitewash, etc. for tenants. decoration expenditures
  • Protection against missing insurance premium
  • Protection against inflation
  • Carpet cleaning and discounted dry cleaning service
  • Boiler and air conditioner maintenance service

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