How to Rent a Car in Cyprus?

how to rent a car in cyprus?






    Those who want to experience the beauties of Cyprus to the fullest can solve the transportation problem by renting a car. It is possible to go everywhere more easily by car in Cyprus. Renting a car is the most advantageous way in Cyprus since there is no traffic problem like in Turkey. However, the most important point to be considered is the direction of traffic flow. Traffic flows from the left in Cyprus. It takes some getting used to when first used, but you'll soon get used to it. A vehicle is required especially to visit the touristic places of Cyprus. You can rent the vehicles you want at very affordable prices.

    What can be encountered while renting a car in Cyprus?

    The rental fees are collected before the car is rented. You can pay before delivery or when picking up the vehicle. Those who do not have a valid driver's license and under the age of 25 cannot rent a car in Cyprus. Daily rental car prices may vary according to companies. Car rental can be preferred with or without a driver. You can rent a car daily, weekly or monthly. A contract is made during the rental. Whoever this contract is for, only that person can drive the vehicle. There is a penalty when someone else uses it.

    What Should Be Considered While Driving a Rental Car in Cyprus?

    You must have your driver's license and ID with you while driving a rental car in Cyprus. Whoever's name is written on the rental agreement should drive the vehicle. If others will use it, a driver can be added to the contract. Traffic rules in Cyprus are quite strict and fines are accordingly high. Penalties for actions such as drunk driving and talking on the phone while driving are high. Care must be taken to abide by the rules. It is also important to act accordingly, as traffic flows from the left. In Northern Cyprus, the steering wheel of all vehicles is on the right. It is useful to pay attention to the petrol condition when the vehicle is being delivered.

    Places to be visited by car in Cyprus

    Places to be visited by car in Cyprus

    Touring without a car in Cyprus does not meet expectations. The most beautiful places are places to go by car. In order to see the magnificent views of Cyprus, it is absolutely necessary to rent a car. Fascinating places you can go by car in Cyprus;

    • The Ancient City of Salamis
    • Bellapais Abbey
    • Karpas Peninsula
    • Icon Museum (Arkhangelos Michael Church)
    • Castle of Othello
    • Venice Column
    • Saint Sophia Cathedral (Selimiye Mosque)
    • .Love Bridge (Kamara tou Koraka)
    • Gavur Stone
    • Hill of Olympus
    • Nissi Beach
    • Ayia Thekla Beach
    • Camelot Beach
    • Lara Bay

    Is it difficult to drive in Cyprus?

    It is very easy to drive in Cyprus. Since there is not much traffic, you can travel comfortably and calmly. You can also enjoy the scenic roads on your way to the coves and beaches. Since the steering wheels of the vehicles are on the right, you can take a little test drive to get used to it. You can get used to this very easily. Everything is the same. Only traffic flows on the left. You can use your vehicle very easily. You have to be very careful to follow the traffic rules. Cypriots obey the traffic rules. This creates much safer and easier travel opportunities.

    Where to Go for a Beautiful View in Cyprus?

    You can drive to the most beautiful landscapes in Cyprus. Olympos Hill offers one of the most beautiful views. Othello Castle is one of the places that offers great cruises, especially in the evening. st. Hilerion Castle is a very special spot where you can see Kyrenia in cubes. You can also see very nice views from the Soli Ruins. You can catch sea views from different points with your vehicle. You can also paraglide from the Beşparmak Mountains. If you want to see underwater views, you can experience diving.

    Where to Rent a Car in Cyprus

    Where to Rent a Car in Cyprus?

    You can take care of car rental online without going to Cyprus. By choosing a reliable company, you can have a comfortable and convenient travel opportunity. There are also car rental opportunities from the airport. It is important to choose a reliable company to rent a car. You can easily choose between insured and reliable vehicles. When you get to the airport, your vehicle will be waiting for you there. If you take care of car rental online, you will be comfortable when you go. For detailed information on car prices in Cyprus “How Much Are Car Prices in Cyprus” You can read the blog post titled.

    Where is it more advantageous to stay while on holiday in Northern Cyprus?

    You have the chance to rent a house in Northern Cyprus completely according to your taste. You can evaluate options such as villas, holiday homes and residences. You can choose housing options, whether in a city location or in touch with nature. By choosing a luxury villa, you can experience the comfort at the highest level. Cyprus rental houses and villa options are quite diverse and affordable. In this respect, many people consider the alternative of renting a house or villa instead of a hotel during their vacation. Even if you are going to visit different places, daily rental options will give you an advantage.

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