02 September 2019



Places to visit in Güzelyurt:

- Vuni Palace

- Tumba Tu Skuru 

- Church of St. Mamas

Vuni Palace

It was founded in the 5th century by the king of the city of Marion to control the settlement of the nearby Greeks (Soli City). This palace, which has 137 rooms, lost its function when the Persian sovereignty was replaced by Greek sovereignty in 449 BC. The palace, which remained standing for about 70 years, was burned by the people of Soli and was not renewed again. The ruins are now seen. These ruins are entrance, royal rooms, columned courtyard, kitchen courtyard, cistern, food stores, baths, living rooms and work places.

Tumba Tu Skuru

It is a settlement located north of Güzelyurt around Kalkanlı village built by aegean merchants between 1550-1700 BC. During the excavations carried out between 1971-1974, many works were found. These artifacts are presented to the public at the Güzelyurt Archeology Museum.

Church of St. Mamas

The church in Güzelyurt was built in the name of St. Mamas. The Church of St. Mamas has undergone many changes until today. It is claimed that St. Mamas had traveled to many places and lived in Güzelyurt in a period. When he died, it was said that every part of his remains were distributed to the places he visited and churches were built in his name. On September 2, the date of his death each year, church services are held in the name of St. Mamas.

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