02 September 2019



Places to visit in Lefke:
- Soli Ancient City
- Petra Tou Limnidi Reef
- Historical Lefke and Ottoman Mansions
- Tomb of Piri Mehmet Pasha
- Cengiz Topel Monument

Soli Ancient City

Founded in ancient times, Soli was home to one of the 9 Kingdoms of Cyprus. It has developed as an important port city during the period. As a result of the excavations carried out in Soli, which lived the most glorious period of Roman Empire , 7 graves were found.

Petra Tou Limnidi Reef

The site was excavated in 500 BC by the Swedish Excavation Committee.

Historical Lefke and Ottoman Mansions

Ottoman mansions carrying pearls from Ottoman architecture are one of the must-see places of Lefke. 41 mansions providing visual feast were protected by law.

Tomb of Piri Mehmet Pasha

Although the exact construction year is not known, it is known that it was built on the ruins of Ay.Yorgi church during the Ottoman period. Mehmet Bey, who participated in an operation organized by the Ottoman Empire, saw this devastated church and decided to turn it into a mosque and named it after his grandfather Pir Pasha.

Cengiz Topel Monument

On August 8, 1964, during a warning flight by the Turkish Air Force in Cyprus, he managed to parachute when his plane was hit by Greek anti-aircraft guns and was killed after being captured. The body of Topel, who was stated to have died in the hospital by the Greeks, was returned on August 12, 1964. He was the first pilot loss of the Turkish Air Force in Cyprus. The place where he fell was called Cengiz Topel Monument.

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