Long Beach Panorama
Long Beach Panorama Starting Price From 210.000£

Long Beach Panorama

About Project

The project is located on the border of the line parallel to the coast, which is determined as 2 floors in accordance with the zoning rules, and 180 meters from the sea, within a two-minute of walking. With communal indoor areas on the ground floor, all apartments from the first floor are directed towards the sea and designed to have a view. With the market, fish restaurant and park area located within a 100-meter circle around it, a life setup in the heart of Long beach contributes to a high-quality living.

Its iconic design and dynamic building form which can be perceived from all angles with the main arterial road have made Panorama Long beach a candidate to be the symbol in the center of the region. Panorama Long beach, which challenges the traditional prismatical forms of the high-rise building texture in the region and reveals that another architecture and another design is possible by suddenly raising the bar in the competition between the developments in the region as if creating a design manifesto, aims to set a sample which is difficult to catch up with the improvements to be made in the region from now on.

The Most Luxurious Residence of the Region

Consisting of two blocks and designed as 13 floors, the building has a common pool, a restaurant/café bar, lobby, gym, fitness center, game room and multi-purpose hall on the ground floor, and a roof bar/restaurant with 360 degree panoramic views like its name, with infinity pool on the roof floor. Long Beach Panorama takes beyond its peers and brings a new definition to the luxury and high quality holiday homes in the region with a real residence concept.

All apartments in Block A are directly positioned towards the sea and benefit from the view at the maximum level, while the apartments rising by terraces at the south end have a magnificent view of the bay as far as Famagusta Maraş. Large terraces, Jacuzzi and hot-tub options offered here are available in limited number of penthouses Apartments in different floors. The sunrise over the sea in Panorama will offer unique and postcard images for those who get up early. It is possible to reach the roof terrace directly from the elevators and stairs of both blocks.

While all apartments in Block B are oriented towards Famagusta Bay with an uninterrupted and never-ending view, the wide open balconies of the apartments terraced towards the sea are directed directly to the sun rising from the sea and to the view of the most beautiful bay of the island with its unique beauty up to the Karpaz cape. Each apartment here is a penthouse and greenery, Jacuzzi and hot-tub options are offered to its users on large terraces. All apartments in this block, which has double stairs and an elevator, can also directly access the pool and restaurant/bar on the roof terrace.

While the steel bridge/terraces suspended between the A and B blocks are offered to the duplex 4+1 apartments located on the third, sixth and ninth floors, they have absolute dominance of sunrise and sunset views from both east and west. At the same time, the cool winds blowing from the west make these private apartments even more equipped.


Restaurant On Site
Beach 260 M
Market 250 M
Hospital 13.7 KM
Airport 50.0 KM
ATM & Bank 3.7 KM
Gym On Site
Mall 18.1 KM
University 15.0 KM
Cafe - Roof Bar On Site

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