North Cyprus: Center of Happiness and Safety

north cyprus: center of happiness and safety






    According to the FBI's list of three categories of "20 million people", "people with a population between 20 million and 5 million" and "people with a population less than 20 million", Cyprus has the safest population with less than 5 million people countries whom are amongst Iceland, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Qatar, Malta, Albania, Slovenia and Croatia.



    According to the World Happiness Report 2017, Turkish Cypriots are happier than Greek Cypriots. Among the 155 countries, North Cyprus ranked 61st, Southern Cyprus ranked 65th in 2017 According to the World Happiness Report, Norway was the happiest country in the world, leaving behind Denmark. While Turkey ranks 69th, North Cyprus is 61 and Southern Cyprus is 65th. Israel and Kosta Rika are surprisingly among the top 15 countries. Among the 155 countries, the least happy countries were Syria and Yemen.

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