An Opportunity for a Holiday every season

an opportunity for a holiday every season






    Seven reasons to have a holiday and explore this beautiful island of North Cyprus

    1- Sea, sand and sun

    In 365 days of the year there is sunny weather and you have the chance to go to the beach for almost 6 months so you will not be able to find a better holiday location. One of the most beautiful beauties of the world, Golden Sand, is waiting for you with your family or friends.

    2- Entertainment

    Especially in the summer season when the entertainment sector is popular and intense, you can have a great time. Whether you are in the entertainment sector or on the beach, you can have fun in luxurious entertainment places with sea views. You will be able to find many different options in Magusa and Girne.

    3- Food

    One of the most important features of Northern Cyprus is the numerous restaurants and cafés where you can find in many different cuisines. Apart from all different types of Cyprus cuisine, there are places where you can find French, Chinese, Indian and many other flavors. Apart from these, you can also enjoy these hot and cold sandwiches, which are indispensable for breakfast in the morning. Also, for those who want to have a variety of different soups or just kebabs, especially those where kebabs have made it a tradition since the 1960s. In Gazimagusa, you can find cafes with historical surroundings, especially in the Old Castle. As well as restaurants that offer a variety local cuisines or you can also enjoy raki-fish in a beautiful setting with a view of the sea.

    4- Sports  

    It is possible to do many different sports activities in Northern Cyprus. Especially different alternatives about water sports will allow you to have full adrenaline. Apart from that, you will have the chance to do many sports activities. A day full of fun with different activities such as golf, horse riding, nature walks and paragliding are waiting for you.

    5- Unique History

    In every period of its history, the island has always been sought for strategic, political, commercial reasons and has never lost its charm. The strongest country with Neolithic settlements where the first civilization fire was burnt, the antic city kingdoms that reflect the glory of the Roman period, the shelter place of the Crusades, the most lucrative country of the Luzinian from the French dynasties, the most important of the Venetian traders in the east and Ottomans in the Mediterranean.

    6- Warm-hearted islanders

    There are approximately 300,000 people in Northern Cyprus. Thus, when you are walking on any beach, you are very likely to see people who smile at you in a different place on the same day. The islander who lives in Cyprus is known for his hospitality and warm-heartedness. There is friendship and environment you will not find in many parts of the world.

    7- Five-star Luxurious Hotels

    Come and rest, enjoy and live in 5 star hotels in Northern Cyprus. Enjoy the rich variety of the Mediterranean cuisine, the holiday culture with its entertaining show that tells you all the details of the island cult.