05 September 2019


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The professional real estate consultants who have been working in the real estate sector for years and the Cyprus people provide quality and safe accommodation according to the needs of their guests. Within the framework of your search for the Cyprus house prices, we will set prices that do not suffer both the buyer and the seller and ensure that both sides make a profit. Our real estate consultants and our specialists in the field of Cyprus real estate offer you all kinds of housing needs in terms of sale, or rental house advertisements at affordable prices. As you know, since real estate and property sales in Cyprus are carried out in Sterling, it is significantly different from the Turkish Real Estate market.

What is the Difference Between Turkish and Cyprus Housing Market?

 Cyprus, which is described as the foster land of our country, is significantly different from our country in terms of the social, cultural and economic point of view. If we deal the foster land Cyprus in terms of Logistics, we witness that corporate companies, using sea route with a rate of 38% , have to add logistics costs to market cost. The fact that the cost areas vary is one of the factors that affect Cyprus house prices. The professional team that provides service in the field of Cyprus real estate provides a support for the buyer and the seller to make a profitable exchange by collecting the property owners who want to evaluate their properties in order to meet the needs of the people living in Cyprus and the people who will migrate here or come here.

Why are Cyprus House Prices Higher Than the Prices in Turkey?

Our real estate company and expert real estate consultants dedicated to the housing sector for years think that the supply-demand balance in Cyprus house prices is not smooth, and therefore believe that the house prices are at a much higher level than Turkey. On the other hand, the fact that short supply of houses in Cyprus increases the demands for property owners. Even in rental houses, we can see that the landlords are very strict about the prices and that they behave unjustly toward the tenant. Those who do not want to have problems in the buying and sale of housing in Cyprus can get any kinds of supports from our specialist real estate consultants to meet their needs with affordable prices.

North Cyprus Famagusta Golden Residence Fully Furnished Apartments For Sale
£ 77,000
Cyprus İskele Four Seasons Life - Sea Star
£ 115,500
  • 122 m2
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1
TERRACE PARK Daily Rental Apartment
₺ 400
TERRACE PARK Daily Rental Apartment

Ref: 1020

  • 82 m2
  • 0
  • 1
  • 1