North Cyprus Investment Incentives for Turkish

north cyprus investment incentives for turkish






    What Can Be Done Within the Scope of TRNC Investment Incentives?

    If you are considering investing in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you can start new ventures in different sectors throughout the country. Especially in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where the annual tourism volume is very high, when you make an investment through tourism, you can achieve a profitable result in these investments because the country has a high educational power and qualified personnel. In this case, you are both making a profitable investment and providing employment to citizens in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. You can get comfort in financial and physical opportunities within the scope of incentives.

    Who are TRNC Investment Incentives Suitable for?

    While it is known that investment incentives are provided for citizens within the country, as well as for foreign investors from abroad, it is known that ktc investment incentives are provided, and it is stated that this application is made to activate the potential and increase the competitiveness in the economy. Thanks to the real estate services that you can provide through our company, you can make an important investment in sectors such as tourism by providing real estate such as land, residence or building where you will invest. Thanks to the incentives created in these investments, many advantages such as tax, depreciation discounts, loans, fee reductions and discount rates on investments are offered.

    Capital owners making investments in many different sectors such as industry, commerce, tourism or construction in Turkey can also make these investments in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus creates an advantage for Turkish investors by supporting investments made at a level that can create employment. In particular, the TRNC investment incentives provided are supported at the level that the citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are employed. For this reason, this investment support is provided by the state for the capital owners to create an advantageous situation in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and for the citizens of Cyprus to have more job opportunities.

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