North Cyprus, a piece from heaven

north cyprus, a piece from heaven






    As one of the most mysterious places in the world, North Cyprus presents you with its impressive texture of the cultural heritage and its rich natural structure at different times of the year. The Bellapais Monastery has the most impressive gothic structures of the period and exhibits the most magnificent artistic work. Sophia Cathedral (Selimiye Mosque), St. Apart from the Nicholas Cathedral (Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque), the magnificent city kingdoms Salamis and Soli invite you to this historical journey, with the mountainous monuments on the Five Finger Mountains which are situated between the clouds and the fortresses, old castles of Famagusta and Nicosia host you to thousands years of history.



    In North Cyprus, there are different alternatives that can meet the expectations of any vacationer; whether they would like to stay in the most luxurious hotels, family-run boutique hotels or eco-tourism hotels. What are you waiting for, to swim in the unique clear waters of the Mediterranean, to go for marvelous walks in the magnificent nature?



    Any moment you spend on this beautiful island will offer you all the comforts of a holiday you will never forget. During your holiday, you will experience the warm hospitality of the islanders who will be willing to tell you all about North Cyprus with all its details. North Cyprus, which has a very healthy climate, has long summer nights and short winter nights. The average annual temperature is 19C, making it an irr stopping point for holidaymakers. 



    In Gazimagusa which is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Cyprus, it is possible to see Othello's breezes. Famagusta is one of the places where you will get the smell of history on every corner is like Salamis Ancient City, Venetian structure of St.Barnabas Monastery and the Othello Castle story of W.Shakespeare's Othello Tragedy is one of the places which is definitely to be seen.


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