How Much Are Cyprus Flat Prices?

how much are cyprus flat prices?






    There are many investment opportunities in developing Cyprus. Owning a flat is a risk-free investment method. 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flat options are preferred in Cyprus.

    High rental income flat options pay for themselves in a short time. In order to take advantage of investment opportunities in different regions in Cyprus, you can join the free project introduction tour of the DÖVEÇ Construction sales and marketing team.

    Cyprus Housing Prices

    Cyprus, where more than 100,000 university students are educated, has also become an education center. For all these reasons, Cyprus is a country preferred by foreign investors.

    Another important factor in choosing Northern Cyprus for investment is the attractive housing prices. Compared to other countries, it is seen that housing prices in Cyprus are quite low. It is possible to have a new 2+1 flat with prices starting from 200.000 TL in a good location in the city center of Cyprus. The property tax in Cyprus is 1 TL per m2 per year. Also, the depreciation period of this type of flat is about 10 years. In addition to these, foreign investors have the chance to obtain residence in Cyprus by purchasing housing. Considering all these data, Cyprus is seen as a safe harbor to invest. To take advantage of these opportunities, you can contact our sales team and learn the details.

    How to Buy an Apartment in Northern Cyprus?

    Central Park is a project that offers luxury apartments with sea view in the city center. Whatever comes to your mind when you think of luxury apartments, you can see them all in the apartments in this project. In this project, there are 3 bedroom apartments with advanced technology security systems. It also has opportunities to please you in terms of social areas. Social areas such as fitness, playground, walking areas are one step away.

    To evaluate more different possibilities, you can examine the Apartment 34 and Apt 41 projects. You can evaluate apartments with open kitchens and modern architectural details that will fascinate you.

    If you want to have a house very close to the beach, you should check out the park View Tower apartments. By purchasing an apartment from these privileged projects, whether for investment or living, you can take a step that you will never regret.

    Apartments for Sale in Cyprus

    If you think you don't have the means to live in a luxury home, review this topic. Because with incredible payment facilities, you can buy the luxury apartment of your dreams.

    Apartments with all the facilities you are looking for in the center of Cyprus are waiting for you with reasonable price advantages. Döveç Construction knows how to be happy where you live and acts by focusing on this in every project. It works to increase your quality of life by building living centers that embrace happiness in the heart of Cyprus.

    Considering even the smallest details in ready-made apartments, it provides comfort and aesthetics. Are you ready to meet the comfort details that will make your life easier in a house with nature and sea views? Say hello to a luxurious and brand new life. Discover the apartment options where you will not have any difficulty in paying and you will enjoy every moment while sitting.

    Cyprus Apartments for Rent

    In order to have a privileged life in the city center of Cyprus, you should examine the luxury apartment options. The Central Park project, which offers 3 bedroom luxury apartments with sea view, increases your quality of life. You can find excellent apartment opportunities for investment in Apartment 40 residences. Whether for living or for investment, you can get very special opportunities with Döveç Construction payment facilities.

    If you are wondering if there are affordable luxury apartments, we can say that you have dozens of options. You can easily transition to a new life and evaluate the payment facilities. Get ready to explore privileged living spaces in the middle of the city. You can find the house of your dreams among the housing projects that are close to everywhere and offer special areas for the residents. A good life is your right too.

    You can live in a luxury apartment at an affordable price, where you can easily reach any place you want in Cyprus. Capar Apartments, which will fascinate you with its wonderful view, are only a one-minute walk from the university. Comfort standards are very high in apartments equipped with smart home technologies.

    Declaring that a luxurious life is possible for everyone, Döveç Contsruction offers a wide range of options in luxury rental apartments. It is possible to find rental flat options suitable for every budget in housing projects located in the most central locations of Cyprus. You can find the house of your dreams among the Döveç Center apartments, which are within 50 meters of walking distance to anywhere you may need. Fully furnished flats that have never been used are ideal for those who want to start a brand new life.

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