North Cyprus the Safest Country in the World

north cyprus the safest country in the world






    North Cyprus is among the Safest Countries in the World “0 Cases”

    The new generation Corona virus, which first appeared in China, affected the whole world. Even the most developed countries were desperate against covid-19. The number of deaths grew rapidly, especially in the USA, Spain, Italy and France. In North Cyprus, thanks to the early measures, the virus progress has been halted and is shown as the most reliable place in Europe. With the last positive patient discharged on May 11, there were no Covid-19 patients in Northern Cyprus.

    Timely Measures in North Cyprus Resulted in Corona Free Cyprus

     The necessary measures to eliminate the Corona virus as soon as possible have been taken by the state in a timely and comprehensive manner. In fact, Northern Cyprus is among the successful countries in the fight against Covid-19 and it is among the countries where the number of cases is low according to the population rate. Our country has proved once again how safe it is. In order to reduce social interaction within the scope of Covid-19 measures, all private and public institutions have stopped working on 12.03.2020 except banks, pharmacies and markets. Social isolation has been reduced to the lowest level by closing the workplaces, applying a partial curfew and banning crossings between districts. From the first days, entry from abroad to country other than TRNC citizens has been stopped and incoming people have been quarantined for 14 days. Special units have been set up for contact tracking. The source of all positive cases detected so far is known. In this process, TRNC citizens have been successful with their sensitive and conscious behavior. In the past 23 days, no positive cases have been identified. As of May 4, the normalization process has started and many workplaces have started to serve. The last patient, who had Covid-19 , was discharged on May 11 with applause and North Cyprus is now Covid-19 free.

    Europe's Most Reliable Region

    When the Covid-19 statistics are analyzed in Northern Cyprus, it is seen that the situation is better than all other European Countries. While the casualties in Spain and France approached 27 thousand, it exceeded 30 thousand in Italy. 7510 in Germany, 31241 in the UK, 8552 in Belgium, 5359 in the Netherlands, 1526 in Switzerland, 1114 in Portugal, 3175 in Sweden, 776 in Poland, 522 in Denmark and 15 in Cyprus has died because of the Corona Virus. 103 of 108 people who have been found positive cases in North Cyprus have recovered and discharged. 31 of 108 people are tourists from Germany. 2 out of 4 people who have lost their lives so far are German tourists who brought the virus to the island. These 2 people did not catch the virus in Cyprus and came to the island already infected. Currently there are no active cases.  There is no patient in intensive care due to Corona virus in North Cyprus.

    Social Isolation at the High Level in Northern Cyprus

    Covid-19 pandemic changed the living conditions in the world. It seems that it will affect many preferences of people in the future. People are likely to prefer regions with high social isolation. In addition to the measures taken, the lack of population density in North Cyprus, the absence of very crowded cities, the lack of close contact places such as the metro and shopping mall played a role in stopping the spread of the epidemic. The fact that the majority of the people follow the announced measures stands out as one of the important factors in ensuring social isolation. It showed once again how safe all these elements are in Northern Cyprus. Known for its low crime rate, fresh air, unique nature and beaches, Northern Cyprus has once again proved to be a safe place in such epidemics.

    Note: Northern Cyprus, where life is predicted to be completely normalized in a short time, has already been the focus of attention of the outside world and demands have come from many people who want to move to the north of the Island.

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