Obtaining Citizenship in Cyprus

obtaining citizenship in cyprus






    Since Cyprus is divided into south and north, the citizenship rules of the two different countries are also different. We will make detailed explanations in this article for those who are curious about the issue of citizenship in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Getting citizenship of Northern Cyprus is actually easier than many other countries.
    There is more than one way to obtain citizenship in Cyprus;

    • Becoming a Citizen of Northern Cyprus by Benefiting from the Citizenship of the Parents
    • Being a Citizen of Northern Cyprus by Birth in Cyprus
    • Being a Citizen of Northern Cyprus by Marriage
    • Being a Citizen of Northern Cyprus through a Work Permit
    • Getting White ID Through Real Estate Investment
    • Exceptional Citizenship Right by Decision of the TRNC Council of Ministers

    How to Become a Citizen of Cyprus through Real Estate Investment?

    How to Become a Citizen of Cyprus through Real Estate Investment?

    You can buy a house in Cyprus and apply for a permanent residence permit. Anyone who has invested a minimum of 125,000 Euros in real estate can apply. After six years of residence permit, the right to apply for an identity card is gained. For those over the age of 60, obtaining a residence permit and staying for 3 years is sufficient for an ID application.

    It is also very easy to buy a house in Cyprus. Especially new housing projects offer luxury housing options at affordable prices. You can buy a house and start living in Cyprus. You can apply for citizenship after six years of regular residence. In addition, real estate investment in Cyprus is very advantageous. Owning a house in the holiday paradise Cyprus will be a profitable step.

    Advantages of Obtaining Northern Cyprus Citizenship

    The Advantages of Obtaining Northern Cyprus Citizenship

    Northern Cyprus citizenship may pave the way for becoming a European Union citizen in the future. Because in case of reconciliation of the two sides or the recognition of Northern Cyprus, TRNC citizenship will gain value. Living here is a gift in itself. If you are wondering about visa-free travel, you can refer to our article entitled Which Countries Can a TRNC Citizen Enter Without a Visa?
    Anyone who obtains a residence permit in Cyprus makes the transition to a better quality of life. In the future, if the parties unite, there is a chance to become a citizen of the European Union. In addition, Cyprus offers a quality of life at European standards in many respects. You can add quality to your life by buying a house in Cyprus. You can get more detailed information about real estate investment and residence permit from Döveç experts. You do not need to pay very high prices to own a sea view villa. Cyprus offers the chance to buy luxury residences at better prices.

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