Practical Information for First Time Visitors to Cyprus

practical information for first time visitors to cyprus






    If you have not yet been to Cyprus, the nearby heavenly island, some practical information might be useful for you. Being aware of the following matters while traveling to or having sightseeing in Cyprus shall ensure you to have a more comfortable and enjoyable trip.

    • Driving licenses are not used as replacement for ID cards. The only valid document to replace passport is Turkish ID card.

    • At the airport, Cyprus flights are carried out through the international terminal.

    • If you will depart from the country with your ID, you should take a form for entry-exit without passport from the check-in desk.

    • Vehicle traffic is flowing from the left side in Cyprus. If you will rent a car, you need to test-drive first, before going into dense traffic.

    • Gasoline prices are rather affordable in Northern Cyprus.

    • Turkish Lira is being used in Northern Cyprus. The languages spoken are Turkish and English.

    • In order to visit Southern Cyprus, you need to obtain a Southern Cyprus visa.

    • There is an upper limit for shopping at the duty-free shops of the airport.

    • There is no need for an international driving license to rent a car, but you need to have your driving license renewed.

    • Power sockets are English-type, i.e. with 3 entries, therefore a converter may be needed.

    What Is the Most Advantageous Way for Accommodation in Cyprus?

    As it is a centre of tourism, there are many hotels in Cyprus. If you are looking for the most economical and comfortable way for accommodation, you may prefer renting a house. You may rent a villa that is close to the seaside or a luxury apartment in the city center. You may have the comfort of arranging your house before your travel. You may select an appropriate location for accommodation, according to the type of vacation you would like to have. For example, for a calmer, peaceful vacation at a bay, Karpas region is more appropriate.

    In order to get closer to crowded touristic places, one may prefer Kyrenia’s port area. İskele (Trikomo) region is one of the most beautiful areas to enjoy a beach. Nicosia may be an attractive alternative for those who want to have a calmer holiday. Renting a house would be both economical and comfortable. We advise you to read this article of ours to assess apartments for rent with affordable prices.

    You may have a freer and more luxury holiday by renting a villa rather than checking in a hotel in Cyprus. You may examine in detail rental house alternatives with affordable prices. Döveç Construction is a credible address that offers rental house alternatives in the most beautiful regions of Cyprus. Please click to get detailed information about renting a house in Cyprus.


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