Wed, 4 Oct - 18:03
döveç group: our commitment to animals is not limited to just one day!
Social Responsibility

October 4th, World Animal Protection Day, is not just another day on the calendar for Döveç Group; it is also an opportunity to fulfill...

Wed, 2 Feb - 15:45
döveç group didn't forget our dear friends at pier
Social Responsibility

Standing out with the importance it attaches to social responsibility projects, Döveç Group visited the İskele Dog Shelter this time....

Thu, 30 Jul - 11:58
döveç didnt forget the children in eid qurban
Social Responsibility

Döveç Group, which serves with the slogan of a Loving Home for Every Child, didn't forget the children.

Sat, 7 Sep - 08:45
april 23 national sovereignty and children's day
Social Responsibility

Döveç Construction enjoyed a day out with children from the Famagusta Special Education Centre.

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