TRNC Rental Villa Ads and Residences

trnc rental villa ads and residences





How Much Are Advertisements for Rental Villas in TRNC?

The villas in Cyprus are frequently preferred by both holidaymakers and those who want to settle here. These villas can be rented on a weekly or daily basis. You can take advantage of villa rental opportunities, especially around Kyrenia. These villas, which can have different prices in terms of having a pool or being close to the sea, are in high demand by domestic and foreign holidaymakers. In addition to this, TRNC villa rentals are taken into account, the prices vary from 5 Thousand TL to 7 Thousand TL. is visible.

TRNC Villa For Rent Advertisements And Features

The villas in Cyprus are preferred both for holiday purposes and for settling in. Especially in this Kyrenia region, which is central and integrated with nature, prices may vary compared to other regions. It is offered for sale with different features from 3+1 to 7+1. In addition, the TRNC rental villas are on our site, and the prices of the villas can vary from 165,000 GBP to 650,000 GBP, depending on the number of rooms. It is very easy to own every villa in Cyprus, which is considered a real living space in the middle of nature, greenery and blue.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which has a Mediterranean climate in the south of Turkey, has become the focus of attention of both local and foreign settlers with its natural beauties and unique nature. Cyprus, which is one of the places that are frequently visited for holidays, is also home to water sports because it is an island. This high demand for Cyprus causes housing prices to rise in the country. In addition to residences, the most preferred types of residences are villas. Considering the zoning ban, KKTC rental villa advertisements are one of the methods used by those who want to move.