What are the Advantages of Buying a House in North Cyprus?

what are the advantages of buying a house in north cyprus?






    The island of Cyprus, which dreams of perfect vacations, is the third largest island in the Mediterranean. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus and is considered as the Baby Homeland. It is very easy to go to TRNC from Turkey. It causes many Turkish citizens to go to this beautiful island country for education, vacation and investment due to both the convenience of transportation and the advantages it offers.

    Cyprus is especially suitable for real estate investment. First of all, the climatic conditions of the island, which has a unique geography, are wonderful at any time of the year. With its sunny days, clean air, pleasant beaches, countless natural and historical beauties, Northern Cyprus is like a corner of paradise. Not only the geographical beauties but also the developing structure of Northern Cyprus provides many opportunities for foreigners. For the citizens of Turkey, there is much more than all of these. Since Northern Cyprus is defined as a child homeland, it is considered the second homeland of Turkish citizens. When you buy a house in Northern Cyprus, which hosts thousands of tourists every month of the year, you can earn by renting the house.

    There are many options such as apartments, residences or villas in terms of investment. For example, an apartment purchased from the city center becomes a profitable tool in terms of both living and investment. In this respect, Cyprus flats for sale offer many alternatives.

    What are the Advantages of Buying a House in North Cyprus

    5 Reasons to Buy a House in North Cyprus

    There are countless reasons to buy a house in Northern Cyprus. We have listed these as five reasons. When you discover these reasons, you can understand how advantageous it will be to buy a house in Northern Cyprus. You can see that Northern Cyprus is an island of opportunities for real estate investment, especially for Turkish citizens.

    • Buy a Fabulous House in Cyprus

    The island of Cyprus is so beautiful that there are people who buy houses just to spend some times of the year there. Cyprus is amazing. Because it carries unique beauties in the middle of the perfect waters of the Mediterranean. If we look at the myth of Aphrodite's homeland, we can say that the island of Cyprus is a true love island. It is not possible to go to Cyprus and not fall in love with the island. Tourists from all over the world visit this unique island at all times of the year. The island has a unique atmosphere with its world-famous beaches, historical ruins, natural beauties and legendary entertainment world.

    • Both Vacation and Investment

    When you buy a house in Northern Cyprus, you will also make a profitable real estate investment. You can go home at any time for your own annual vacation. You can also earn income by renting out your house to tourists or students at other times. You will never regret owning a house in Cyprus. You can have a holiday in the most popular holiday region of the world whenever you want, and when you want to live a calmer and more healing life, you can settle in your home.

    Its Easy to Go from Turkey to Northern Cyprus

    • It's Easy to Go from Turkey to Northern Cyprus

    It is very close to Turkey. It is possible to arrive at Ercan Airport in Nicosia in 1.5 hours by plane. Moreover, Turkish citizens do not need a passport or visa to enter Northern Cyprus. Anyone can go to Cyprus with just an identity card. Buying a house in Northern Cyprus may be the smartest investment you can make. Because both luxury residences are affordable in a uniquely beautiful geography and the residence you buy can compensate for the price you pay in a short time.

    • Homes Are Cheap and Government Concessions Are Available

    Kıbrısta Lüks Yaşamak Mümkün

    Nowhere in the world can you find affordable housing by the sea, for magnificent natural beauties, or in the heart of a touristic city, as in Northern Cyprus. Houses such as holiday homes, villas and residences are offered at very good prices in Northern Cyprus. The reason for this is the new living spaces built to support the developing Northern Cyprus economy. Thanks to new housing projects, it is possible to buy housing at affordable prices. There are also privileges granted by the state. The state provides opportunities for foreigners such as tax deductions. Many opportunities exist to attract foreign investors.

    • It's Possible to Live in Luxury

    The houses in the new housing projects are modern and quite luxurious. You can say that you have a chance to buy very luxurious houses at affordable prices. You can buy a villa with a pool, security system and view, take a vacation or rent it out. In the residence options, you can enjoy the luxury of a luxury residence with everything in the comfort of a hotel. You can choose from the seaside holiday homes, fully equipped, modern architecture that makes a difference. You can purchase comfortable and safe housing options equipped with smart home systems, by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the new housing projects in Northern Cyprus.

    If you have any questions about buying and renting a house for investment purposes in Cyprus, you can read our blog post titled "Can I Find a Tenant for My House in Cyprus"

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