Documents Required for Northern Cyprus Citizenship Application

documents required for northern cyprus citizenship application






    Northern Cyprus citizenship has become very attractive in recent years. One of the biggest reasons for this is the continuation of the negotiations between Northern and Southern Cyprus, thus increasing the possibility of unification day by day.

    If you are also researching about becoming a citizen of Northern Cyprus, you should know in which cases you can acquire citizenship, as well as what documents are required for application. At this point, you can find everything you need to know in our article, so you can take the right steps when applying.

    Within the scope of the Citizenship Law No. 25/1993, you need to prepare different documents according to the application status. Now let's examine them together.

    Citizenship Application Due to Work Permit

    When you apply for citizenship due to a work permit, you should take care to prepare the following documents:

    1. Original and photocopy of identity card
    2. Criminal record
    3. Proof of birth certificate
    4. Residence certificate from the headman
    5. Character certificate from police immigration
    6. Visa entry and exit transcript from police immigration
    7. Application fee and stamp fee

    Citizenship Application Acquired Through Marriage

    Kuzey Kıbrıs Vatandaşlık Başvurusu İçin Gerekli Belgeler Nelerdir?

    The documents you need to prepare when you apply for Northern Cyprus citizenship after marriage are as follows:

    1. Identity of the Northern Cyprus citizen (original and photocopy)
    2. Citizenship certificate of a Northern Cyprus citizen from the parties
    3. For example the population Register
    4. Criminal record
    5. Original and photocopy of marriage certificate
    6. If one of the parties is of Cypriot origin, a photocopy of the mother or father's identity card or death certificate
    7. Identity Card of the applicant (original and photocopy)
    8. Cohabitation certificate from the headman
    9. Visa entry and exit transcript from police immigration
    10. Divorce certificate if not first marriage (valid for both parties)
    11. Diploma or professional certificate (if any)
    12. Fee and stamp fee

    In such applications, the parties must come together. In addition, it is important to fill out the Annex-1 form in the institution.

    Children's Citizenship Application:

    If you are going to apply for Northern Cyprus citizenship for your child, the documents you need to prepare can be listed as follows:

    1. Child's birth certificate (original and photocopy)
    2. Child's birth certificate
    3. Residence certificate of the child from the headman
    4. Student certificate if student
    5. A copy of the birth certificate of the father
    6. Copy of father's identity card
    7. Fee and stamp fee

    For the application, the child must go to the relevant institution with the father.

    Kuzey Kıbrıs Vatandaşlığı Kaç Şekilde Kazanılır

    In How Many Ways Is Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Citizenship Acquired?

    If you want to become a citizen of Northern Cyprus, you must meet certain criteria. In order to acquire citizenship within the scope of TRNC Citizenship Law, the following conditions must be met:

    1. Citizenship by birth
    2. Citizenship by place of birth
    3. Citizenship acquisition through adoption
    4. Citizenship acquisition by decision of the Ministry
    5. Citizenship acquisition by the decision of the Council of Ministers

    It is quite easy to become a TRNC citizen through any of these ways, but it is necessary to act in accordance with the procedure. At this point, it is important to get professional support and to act with the guidance of people who know the law well.

    In recent years, the TRNC has become a frequently preferred country due to the advantages it provides both as citizenship and investment. In addition to high income opportunities in real estate investment, there is also a wide investment opportunity. You can easily take advantage of these opportunities by buying a villa, flat or residence for sale in Cyprus.

    KKTC Vatandaşlığının Önemi Nedir

    What is the Importance of TRNC Citizenship?

    Although the TRNC, located in the north of the island of Cyprus, has some problems with the Greek Cypriot Administration today, there may be a merger between them in the future. In this case, the island is managed from a single place and the conditions it offers can become much more ideal. Because Southern Cyprus is a member of the European Union and in case of unification, those living in Southern Cyprus will also have a passport to go to Europe. For this reason, the importance of being a citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) increases day by day. You can also apply for TRNC citizenship, which has become important not only in Turkey but also in the world, due to the high number of investment opportunities.

    If your mother or father is of Cypriot origin or you have a residence permit in Cyprus, you can take a look at the citizenship conditions in detail. In addition, if you have lived in Cyprus for at least 5 years, if any of your relatives participated in the Cyprus Peace Operation and became a martyr or veteran, you can still become a citizen of Northern Cyprus.

    You can also apply in cases such as marriage with a Northern Cyprus citizen or adoption by a TRNC citizen. In order to obtain more detailed information, it would be right to get support from experts in the field and to proceed with professional steps. You can submit the required documents completely and without errors to the relevant department and complete the application process without any problems. Thus, you can become a citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as soon as possible, and you can take your life quality to higher levels by taking advantage of the opportunities this citizenship offers you. If you want to learn more and different information about the advantages provided to the citizens of Northern Cyprus, you can read our article titled "How Much is the National Income of Cyprus".

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