What are the places to camp in Cyprus?

what are the places to camp in cyprus?






    The island of Cyprus, which offers holiday opportunities to visitors from all over the world with its fascinating atmosphere of natural beauties, offers options suitable for different holiday concepts. Cyprus rental house or villa alternatives would be a good option for nature lovers who do not prefer to stay in hotels.
    There are very attractive camping areas in Cyprus for those who love nature and want to camp. By browsing our list of places to camp in Cyprus, you can discover the wonderful camping areas of Cyprus;

    Karpaz Campgrounds / Juniper Forests and Altinkum Beach

    Altinkum Beach, named after its golden sands, is one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus. Karpaz camping areas provide the opportunity to camp close to the beach in the Juniper forests. It is possible to set up camps in the forest outside of private fruit gardens.

    Karpaz Campgrounds

    Alevkayasi Campground / Thumbnail Mountains

    Alevkayası, which is one of the popular shooting areas of photographers with its natural wonders, also has a unique location for campers. Accommodation can be made in the camping area, accompanied by the views of nature.

    Guzelyurt Pine Forests / Guzelyurt Campground

    The pine forests in the north of Güzelyurt are the perfect choice to be completely in nature. Camping can be set up in places with great views for the forest. You can benefit from the vital facilities in the camping area. This camping area is a good option for nature walks.

    Alagadi Beach Campground

    Alagadi campsite, where the sea and the beach are intertwined, is a quiet and peaceful campground. Part of Alagadi beach is protected as a spawning ground for endangered turtles. In June and September the entire beach is closed. Those who go camping should be prepared as there are no facilities in this area.

    Alagadi Beach Campground

    Galapsides Beach Campground

    The camping area, which is located on a flat area, is also close to the facilities on the beach. Due to its close proximity to the university, it is a place preferred by the young population. You can benefit from showers and sun loungers at the facilities. It is more intense than other camping areas.

    Caravan Camping Area

    It is the camping area preferred by caravan owners. However, it is also possible to set up a tent. Caravan camping area is very preferred because it is very close to the beaches. It is an ideal choice for those who want comfortable facilities. There are facilities such as electricity, water and natural gas in the camping area. Water sports can be done on the beaches within walking distance.

    Cyprus offers many alternatives not only for those who love camping, but also for those who love cycling. If you want to learn more about the delightful Cyprus cycling routes “Best Cycle Routes in Cyprus” You can read the article titled.

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