What are the Prices of Villas for Sale in North Cyprus?

what are the prices of villas for sale in north cyprus?






    Luxury villas that will offer you the magnificent island views of Cyprus may surprise you with their prices. You can evaluate very good price opportunities in the North Cyprus villa options, which are by the sea, equipped with pools, with smart home technologies, and which complement luxury comfort with stylish architectural design.

    You have the chance to buy seaside villas in Turkey, which cannot be approached at exorbitant prices, in Northern Cyprus with a much better location and advantageous price. In new housing projects, there are many villa options that offer living facilities to luxury standards and make the beauties of Cyprus accessible.

    By doing the right research from the right place, you can own a luxury, comfortable and wonderful villa at a very affordable price. In this beautiful island country, you can buy housing not only for living but also for investment purposes. In this respect, Cyprus villas for sale offer a wide range of alternatives.

    Villa Options With Excellent Location at Surprising Prices in North Cyprus

    Villa Options With Excellent Location at Surprising Prices in North Cyprus

    In Döveç Construction Northern Cyprus housing projects, you can see the villa options that offer great opportunities at prices that will surprise you. Villa projects where you can enjoy the sea and nature, close to the most beautiful beaches of Northern Cyprus, offer alternative opportunities. You can evaluate different villa options in terms of view, location, interior design, number of rooms, living standards and many other details. Discover the villa options designed with perfect living standards by Döveç ;

    Seafront Four Seasons Life Villas in Iskele Bay

    As one of the projects of Döveç that reveals the perfect quality of life, Four Seasons Life is seen as the rising value of the Iskele Region. Offering the privilege of living by the sea, the Four Seasons Life project has blocks that offer different alternatives such as Sea Gate, Sea Wave, Sea Storm, Sea Star and Sea Shell. Sea Gate offers 3+1 villa with pool, Sea Wave studio apartment, Sea Star 2+1 flat, Sea Shell 2+1 villa options. Established on a 102,000 m2 land by the sea in Iskele Bay, Four Seasons Life Houses are beach houses with excellent comfort standards.

    Four Seasons Life II

    Four Seasons Life II

    Consisting of Sea Gulf, Sea Storm, Sea Star and Sea Swan blocks, creates excellent opportunities for a comfortable and quality life. There are facilities from an outdoor swimming pool to an indoor swimming pool, from aqua park to cycling and walking paths. In addition to the spa-beauty center relaxation areas, there are also fitness, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts for sports lovers. With its restaurant, cafe, bar, root terrace, beach bar or kids club for children, it provides comfort and perfect luxury in every detail. Located in the Iskele region, Four Seasons Life II is popular for its villa-style apartment options.

    La Isla Villas will make you enjoy Cyprus in every detail

    La Isla Villa project was designed with the motto "A Clean Breath for the Future". The project offers villa options such as 3+1, 4+1 and 5+1. It also creates a pleasant environment with its social living areas. It has different options from pools to restaurants, from private work areas to spa-sports center, from green areas to football, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts for sports fans. It also makes life more enjoyable with its green areas, children's club, sheltered playground, youth center, pet park and botanical garden, as well as a barbecue area, lounge and roof bar.

    La Isla project, which makes a life in touch with nature possible with its original design difference, makes a difference with its nature and animal-friendly design standards. You can have luxurious and comfortable living standards intertwined with nature by evaluating the options of La Isla Villa, which is located 700 meters from the sea. La Isla Villas, which offer the opportunity to experience the nature and all beauties of Northern Cyprus in a holistic way, also ensure you to be satisfied with affordable price options.

    Easily Reachable Luxury Villa Options Suitable For The Criteria You Are Looking For

    Easily Reachable Luxury Villa Options Suitable For The Criteria You Are Looking For

    You can consult Döveç experts immediately to buy a villa that you will be very pleased with in every aspect. You can experience all the beauties of the island of Cyprus in Döveç living spaces, and live as a part of nature with the difference of modern architectural design. You can find your dream seafront villa from Döveç projects and turn your dreams into reality with reasonable price advantages.

    TRNC offers great opportunities for life. It can easily open different doors for you not only in economics, but also in areas such as education and social life. If you want more information about living in Cyprus, you can read the blog post "5 Reasons to Live in Cyprus".

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