What are the Things to Consider Before Buying a House in Northern Cyprus ?

What are the Things to Consider Before Buying a House in Northern Cyprus ?





There are very advantageous options for those who want to buy a house in Northern Cyprus. Buying a house on the holiday paradise island of Cyprus provides both vital and investment benefits. If you are thinking of buying a house in Northern Cyprus, you can make smart choices by learning some important details.

There are some points to consider before purchasing an apartment or villa in Northern Cyprus.

  • The company that will carry out the sales transactions must be local and reliable.
  • It should be checked whether there are any conditions such as mortgages that may hinder the sale.
  • The house to be purchased must have a building permit and license.
  • Transportation and vital facilities of the area where the house is located should be checked.
  • If buying a house for investment, regions with high rental prices should be preferred.

The type of title deed is very important when buying a house in Northern Cyprus. Different title deed types offer different advantages. It is important to evaluate accordingly. In this respect, it is important to investigate equivalent title deed, allocation title deed and Turkish title deed options.

Advantages of Buying a House in Northern Cyprus

Advantages of Buying a House in Northern Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has excellent options for buying a house with facilities such as climate, natural beauties, safe and quality life. With its developing economy, Northern Cyprus offers many advantages to investors. Buying a house in Northern Cyprus provides great advantages in many aspects for Turkish citizens. Owning a house in Cyprus, which is 1 hour away from Turkey by plane, means a profitable investment. Because tourism is always lively on the island.

Turks who own a house on the island can vacation on one of the most beautiful holiday islands in the world whenever they want. They can earn money by renting their homes when they are not on holiday. Advantages of buying a house in Northern Cyprus:

  • Luxury, comfortable and wonderfully located housing options at affordable prices
  • High quality standards in terms of climate, geography and culture
  • Opportunity to benefit from tourism dynamics through real estate investment
  • Advantageous home purchasing opportunities with tax and fee discounts
  • Easy payment plans in new and luxury housing projects
  • Four seasons holiday opportunities near the sea and beach
  • Rent income that provides profit in a short time

What is the Easiest Way to Buy a House in Northern Cyprus?

In order to buy a house in Northern Cyprus in a reliable and trouble-free manner at an affordable price, the right real estate company should be chosen. As a reliable company that has undertaken successful housing projects, Döveç helps you act correctly in matters such as legal transactions, payments or choosing the right housing. With the most well-known and trusted company in Northern Cyprus, you can have the house you want at affordable prices and with a very easy purchasing process.

By determining your expectations and criteria, you can get help from our real estate experts to choose the right housing for you. Once you have a solid guide like Döveç by your side, you can make trouble-free, reliable and profitable choices. You can easily find opportunities in Cyprus flats, residences and villas for sale with Döveç.

Affordable Luxury Housing Options in Northern Cyprus

Affordable Luxury Housing Options in Northern Cyprus

Thanks to the developing real estate sector of Northern Cyprus, you have the chance to buy a house of your dreams from new housing projects. Whether you are looking for a villa with a pool or a luxury apartment, you can find excellent housing options at the standards in Döveç housing projects. You can search by criteria such as number of rooms, vital amenities, location, price range. Explore affordable, popular housing options;

  • La Isla Villas Villa for Sale (5+1)
  • Cyprus Iskele Area-Four Seasons Life-Villa Sea Pearl
  • Luxury Apartments in Courtyard Long Beach
  • Long Beach Panorama (2+1 flats for sale)
  • Four Seasons Life II-Sea Gulf (1+1 flats for sale)
  • Sky Sakarya (2+1 flats for sale)
  • Karpaz Town House Villas
  • Corner Park (2+1 flats)
  • Terrace Park Studio Apartments
  • Döveç Apartment 49 (2+1 flats)

You can find the affordable luxury housing options you are looking for in Döveç Northern Cyprus projects. By getting guidance from our real estate experts, you can evaluate the most affordable housing options in the best location according to your criteria.
You can learn detailed information about transportation, distances, vital amenities etc. from the project details. If you want to buy a house for investment in Cyprus, you can take a look at the options in projects with high rental prices.

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