What is Cyprus Exchange Title Deed

what is cyprus exchange title deed






    Geographical and political Cyprus has a very rare feature in the world. Half of the island is ruled by Greeks and half by Turks. There is a border line that runs through the middle of the island. In other words, there are two separate states.

    Historically, during the emergence of this situation, the properties of Turks and Greeks living on both sides of the island changed places. For this reason, there are three different types of title deeds in Northern Cyprus. There are three title deeds: Turkish Title Deed, Equivalent Title Title Deed and Allocation Title Title Deed. Equivalent title deed is the title given by the state to the Turks who immigrated to Northern Cyprus by leaving their Greek properties in 1974.

    Cyprus is an island that has recently become a favorite of investors. The activity of the TRNC real estate markets has also made the title deed important.

    Is it Safe to Buy a House in Cyprus with an Equivalent Title Deed?

    The TRNC state provided Turks with equivalent title deed for real estates on the north side instead of the properties they had to leave on the south side in 1974. It is safe as it is issued by the government. However, if you don't want to deal with such confusion, the cleanest type of title deed is the Turkish title deed type. Because this title is already given to Turks and foreigners who own property in the northern part of the island. This title deed is also given to newly built houses.

    Equivalent deed is considered the most reliable deed after the Turkish title deed, but it has certain dilemmas. A house bought in the north may not have an equivalent on the south side. In other words, the southern equivalent of the property bought in the north may have already been sold. If a house with an equivalent title deed is to be purchased, it should be investigated whether it has an equivalent on the south side.

    Which is the Most Reliable Land Registry in Cyprus?

    The most reliable title deed is the title deed with Turkish title. Because it is known that the other two types of deed do not open a jewellery. The title deed with Turkish title, which has international validity, is the strongest and most reliable valid title deed in Cyprus. In any case, it is more advantageous for those who will buy a house in Cyprus to prefer new housing projects instead of old houses.

    With a 100% reliable title deed guarantee, it is possible to buy a house in a perfect location that will pay for itself with rental income. You can get support from Döveç Construction real estate experts to find and examine the most affordable and profitable investment in Cyprus in a reliable way. If you are thinking of owning a house in Cyprus and wondering about its advantages “What are the Advantages of Owning a Home in Cyprus” You can read our article titled.

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