What is Cyprus Turkish Title

what is cyprus turkish title






    The island of Cyprus, which is a holiday paradise, offers very attractive real estate opportunities in recent years. However, when the title deed is mentioned, concepts such as Equivalent Earring, Turkish Cob and Allocation Cob come into play.

    For those who do not know, the real estate - title deed arrangements in Cyprus may seem a bit confusing. Cyprus is divided into North and South. Greeks in the South and Turks in the North rule their own states.

    In 1974, this political situation caused the Greeks living in the north to migrate to the south, and the Turks living in the south to migrate to the north. Owners on both sides had to abandon their properties. In order to resolve this issue with the Cyprus equivalent title, the Turks who migrated to the north were given properties equivalent to their properties in the south.

    Those who already own property in the north were given Turkish title deed. Turkish title deed is the most reliable title in the real estate market and has international validity. It is expressed as 100 percent reliable deed. TRNC those who want to buy a house or villa for sale therefore prefer houses with Turkish titles.

    Why Turkish Title Deed Should Be Preferred

    Why Choose Turkish Title Deed?

    The first thing that those who will buy a house in Cyprus should know is to pay attention to the soundness of the title deed. Equivalent ear can unfortunately cause problems. Because the deed given in the north may not have an equivalent on the south side.

    Allocation stubs are state-guaranteed title deeds given as rewards to those who succeeded in the war after 1974 and those who immigrated from Turkey to Cyprus. Even though the equivalent and allocation stubs are given by the TRNC giants, their stalemate may cause problems. For this reason, you can purchase the cleanest, robust and reliable housing with a Turkish title deed. Newly built houses are also given title deeds with Turkish titles. In other words, it is a modern and valid deed.

    Buy a House with Turkish Title Deed 100% Reliability Guarantee

    Buy a House with Turkish Title Deed 100% Reliability Guarantee

    Buying a house in Cyprus is really a smart investment. Because the property tax is low, it is easy to rent the house and earn income, and it guarantees a quality and peaceful life as Cyprus living standards.

    You have the opportunity to buy a very comfortable, well-located, luxury residence from the right and reliable place in Cyprus, according to your own budget. You can ask Döveç Construction real estate experts anything you want, and you can also secure yourself while owning a house in Cyprus. You can evaluate the options of a villa by the sea, a studio apartment close to the university, or a luxury residence in the center.

    Cyprus offers a wide range of real estate options for both investment and living. Due to the advantages it provides, many people from Turkey prefer Cyprus for their real estate preferences every year. If you would like to have an idea about this, “What are the Advantages of Owning a Home in Cyprus” You can read our article titled and get an idea.

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