When is the Best Time to Buy a House?

when is the best time to buy a house?






    There are many different reasons for wanting to own a home. Basically, everyone wants to own a house where they can lay their heads and live happily and peacefully with their family. Many reasons, such as getting rid of the endless trouble of rent, investing, leaving a legacy to their children or grandchildren, encourage people to own a house. Regardless of the reason for the purchase, buying a house is a somewhat stressful process. It is important to find a home that meets expectations, buy the home at an affordable price or with an ideal payment plan, and get it at the right time. That's why people who want to buy a house try to find the answer to the question of when is the right time to buy a house. Well, "the right time to buy a house" Is there really such a concept? “The right time” when it comes to buying a house Controversial situations arise. Because according to some experts, there is no time to buy a house. According to some experts, there is a right time to buy a house and there are various factors that determine this time. In fact, any time you have the convenience of payment is the right time to buy a house. In cases where ease of payment is not in question, it is useful to consider some factors to buy a house. The price of the house you want to buy and the housing loan interest rates are an important determinant in buying a house at the right time. In addition, seasonal conditions also play an important role in changing house prices. Considering the year 2023, it seems logical to buy a house in 2023 in line with the information obtained. Because the housing loan changes that everyone has been waiting for a long time are on the agenda. For December 2023, loan options are expected to be offered according to low, middle and high income groups. Accordingly, interest rates are expected to be in the range of 0.69% to 1.2%. Those who want to buy a house can consider buying a house by evaluating the interest rates in this process.

    In Which Months Do House Prices Drop?

    Ev Fiyatları Hangi Aylarda Düşer?

    Competition in each sector increases or decreases in different seasons. The increase in competition in the housing sector causes the prices to increase, and the decrease causes the housing prices to decrease. Competition in the housing sector decreases during the winter months, while competition is high in the summer months. There are a wide variety of factors that affect competition. For example; The winter season is usually rainy. In addition, the busiest times of the education and training period are the winter months. Therefore, families generally do not want to deal with the hassle of moving in the winter months. School holidays during the summer months make it easier to move. Also, summer season is wedding season. Due to the housing demand of people who want to live directly in their own house while getting married, competition starts to increase in the summer season, starting from the spring. However, each season has its own advantages and disadvantages. Accordingly, the conditions of competition may change. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a house, it is useful to closely follow the house prices in the location you want to buy. In this way, you can better evaluate the competition times.

    Buying a House in Winter

    In winter, housing demand generally decreases compared to other seasons. For this reason, many construction companies tend to make various campaigns in order to accelerate sales. This is a situation that offers extremely advantageous opportunities for people who are planning to buy a house. In addition, since the first month of winter is the last month of the year, tax advantage arises for the buyer. During the winter months, the condition of the house can be evaluated better. In other seasons it is a little more difficult to see the flaws of the house. However, in the winter season, evaluations such as daylighting of the house, humidity and humidity potential, heating potential and wind direction can be made more easily.

    Buying a House in the Spring

    As the weather warms up in the spring and the days start to get longer, the housing market starts to get active. It is possible to see more buyers in the market this season. Therefore, competition begins to increase. A slight increase in prices may be observed as the competition starts to increase. However, the number of houses that are put up for sale is generally higher in the spring than in the winter. This makes it easier to find more home options. Since there are more house options in the spring months, it will be easy to find the house with the features you are looking for. In addition, the general condition of the house can be easily evaluated.

    Buying a House in Summer

    Reasons such as the holiday of schools and the increase in weddings in the summer months activate the housing market. Due to increasing demand, competition and therefore housing prices also increase. There are many home options in the summer season. But finding affordable homes can be a little more difficult. However, since the competition is high, the bargaining share is much higher. If you have the skills to bargain hard, you can buy a house at a more affordable price in summer, according to seasonal conditions. However, if you do not have to bargain, it may be a better option to observe the market instead of buying a house in the summer. In addition, it is a little more difficult to evaluate the general condition of the houses in the summer months.

    Buying a House in the Fall

    With the end of the summer months, the activity in the housing market begins to decrease. In the autumn season, sellers often begin to lower house prices. The aim here is to capture a potential similar to that captured in the summer season. Although the housing options are not as many as in the summer season, houses that are more affordable in terms of price and that have the desired qualities can be found easily. In times of high competition, the bargaining share is also high. But in the autumn, the bargaining share decreases as competition begins to wane. Due to the year-end approaching gradually, especially construction companies start to make various campaigns as of the autumn season in order to achieve their year-end targets. Thanks to these campaigns, it becomes easier to find affordable houses.

    Why Aren't House Prices Falling?

    Ev Fiyatları Neden Düşmüyor?

    Almost everyone complains about high house prices. The long-term high house prices restrict the movements of both buyers and sellers. Especially those who want to buy a house have a hard time understanding why house prices have not decreased. It is also eagerly awaited when the prices will drop. The reasons for the increase in house prices and the decrease in house prices are as follows:

    • Not fixing construction input costs
    • High inflation
    • Mobility in the exchange rate
    • Increase in land prices
    • Diverting people's savings to housing
    • Government support
    • Valuation of buildings constructed in accordance with earthquake regulations
    • Increase in the prices of existing houses
    • Increasing local zoning regulations
    • Foreigners tend to buy housing in order to obtain citizenship

    It is not difficult to predict that house prices will increase unless there is a noticeable change in inflation and some adjustments are made. The fact that banks keep loan interest rates high also affects the buyer side significantly.

    The Effect of Inflation on Housing Prices

    Enflasyonun Konut Fiyatlarına Olan Etkisi

    As the current inflation reduces the purchasing power of the people, the demand for home purchases has also decreased. Looking at the data, it is possible to clearly see the decline in housing sales. In the face of such high inflation, banks avoid giving long-term loans because they prefer to stay in the safe zone. In the face of this situation, the majority of buyers cannot buy the house they want to have. Considering the seasonal effects and economic conditions, the seasons are considered as an important criterion for purchasing a house. If you have financial ease of payment and you have determined the general criteria of the house you want to buy, you can evaluate the right times to buy a house.

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