When to go to the sea in Cyprus?

when to go to the sea in cyprus?






    Beach pleasure continues almost every month of the year in Cyprus, which is one of the popular holiday centers of the Mediterranean. The unique geographical conditions of the island increase the number of sunny days.

    All seasons are mild in Cyprus. The coldest months of the year are December, January, February and the beginning of March. Even at these times the average temperature is 18 degrees. The lowest temperature is 6 degrees at most. There are always those who prefer to swim in Cyprus during the winter months. Because the sea water is warm and the air does not get very cold due to the temperate climate.

    In the summer season, July and August are very hot. The most beautiful and often preferred time to swim in this beautiful island country is the spring months. May-June or September-October are the ideal times to swim. However, this beautiful island country is preferred not only for its beautiful beaches, but also for its natural and historical beauties, entertainment and eating and drinking. If you are going to Cyprus for a holiday, you can look at Cyprus rental residence alternatives that offer you both luxury and comfortable vacation.

    When to go to the sea in Cyprus

    Where to go to the sea in Cyprus?

    The island of Cyprus offers wonderful holiday destinations with world-famous beaches. You can fully enjoy the pleasure of the sea in Cyprus. You can also choose the beach according to your mood. You can choose a calm and peaceful beach or a fun beach. Music and entertainment continues 24 hours a day at some beaches. Some beaches are quiet and peaceful. But all beaches are magnificent with turquoise sea and fine sand. Some beaches are free as public beaches, while entrance fees are charged. Some of the popular beaches in Cyprus are;

    • Acapulco Beach
    • Alagadi Beach
    • Altınkum Beach
    • Aphrodite Beachfront Village
    • Camelot Beach
    • Cortado Yeni Boğaziçi Beach
    • Denizkızı Beach
    • Diana Beach
    • Escape Beach
    • Glapsides Beach
    • Mare Monte Beach
    • Kervansaray Halk Beach
    • Korineum Beach
    • Yedidalga Halk Beach

    One of the important issues on the minds of those who will go to Cyprus from Turkey is mucilage. This issue, which is a serious problem in our country's seas, does not exist in Cyprus. For more information on this topic, you can read the blog post titled “Is there Mucilage in Cyprus”.

    Is Holiday In Cyprus Expensive?

    Is Holiday In Cyprus Expensive

    There are holiday opportunities for every budget in Cyprus. There are also very expensive holiday options in luxury hotels. There are also camping areas in Cyprus. Those who want to have a tent holiday can choose these areas. Renting a house is a good way to have a Cyprus holiday in the most economical and enjoyable way. You can stay in luxury and comfortable residences close to the sea at very good prices. For a good Cyprus holiday, it is necessary to rent a car. Because there are so many places to visit and see.

    Cars can be rented at economical prices to go to both beaches and historical places. There are also restaurants serving affordable Cypriot home cooking. You can have a great holiday in Cyprus according to your budget. You can also explore the entertainment world of Cyprus for fun. Cyprus offers holiday opportunities for all tastes. There are different options, both financial and preference. You can choose Cyprus to have an unforgettable holiday as you wish. Cyprus is the island of love.

    It is also famous for its hotels that offer popular holiday options for honeymooners. You can choose the villages of Nicosia to have a peaceful holiday in Cyprus. You can stay in fascinating places with both calm and peaceful and unique views. You can divide your Cyprus vacation into several parts. You can spare a few days to explore the historical and natural beauties of Cyprus, and a few days to explore the flavors of Cyprus.

    Where to Visit in Cyprus?

    There are some places that come to mind when you say a classical Cyprus holiday. Such as Kyrenia castle, Sunken Ship, Churches, mosques, ancient quotations. Of course you should visit these places. But you can also discover the hidden treasures of Cyprus. Cyprus has many beautiful hidden villages. You can take great pleasure in visiting these villages with their houses that impress with their flowers, fruits and architecture.

    Exploring without a route for a few days in Cyprus will be adventurous. By renting a car and traveling without a route, you can discover unknown hidden treasures. You should definitely have an underwater experience in Cyprus. The sea is magnificent with its invisible as well as visible side. You can explore the undersea by scuba diving and have an unforgettable experience. In Cyprus, there are certain spots where diving is done under the guidance of private instructors. You can free yourself to spend your Cyprus holiday to the fullest.

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