If You Want to Live in Kyrenia

if you want to live in kyrenia






    First of all, you should be aware of the following facts about Kyrenia;

    • Kyrenia is a coastal town. It is a more dynamic and vivid city than the other regions of Cyprus.

    • Having a university in Kyrenia makes this city also a student city.

    • With its historical artefacts and natural beauties, it is one of the Cyprus cities that are most commonly visited by tourists.

    • In Kyrenia, there is sunny and warm weather during 300 days of the year. The coldest average is in the month of January, which is 9 degrees.

    Matters to Take into Account While Buying a House in Kyrenia

    First of all, we can say that there is a buoyant real estate market in Kyrenia. The new regions with ever increasing values, trigger the real estate dynamics. While buying a house in Kyrenia, you should consider firstly the condition of the title deed, and then the location and architectural characteristics of the house as well as taking consultancy from a credible firm.

    There are three types of title deeds in Cyprus, and the most credible title deed is known as the one with Turkish counterfoil as Turkish title deed. Working with a specialist and credible firm when buying a house would be safe for you in every aspect. As the most credible real estate firm of Cyprus, Döveç Construction offers great pricing and creditworthy house purchasing opportunities. In order to get information about the villas with Turkish title deeds in Cyprus, this article of ours may be helpful to you.

    Which Regions of Kyrenia are More Advantageous for Buying a House?

    Kyrenia’s port area is a rather vivid region, which is valuable in terms of tourism. Buying a house in the port area of Kyrenia would be a good investment. People who look for a peaceful life, on the other hand, may assess villa alternatives that are far from the city centre and in touch with nature. You may also prefer vacation homes near the beach or luxury studio flats close to the university.

    There are also other luxury villa opportunities in Kyrenia, located near the sea and having pools. If you want to make an investment, you may purchase a house from the regions that will increase in value. No matter whether it is for investment or living purposes, while you are buying a house in Cyprus, you should consult with a specialist and credible firm. As the most credible real estate firm in Cyprus, Döveç firm offers special opportunities to Turkish citizens. Please click to get detailed information about advantageous house opportunities in Kyrenia.

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