3 Reasons to Buy a Flat in North Cyprus

3 reasons to buy a flat in north cyprus






    There are many reasons to own a house on the island of Cyprus, which has the most attractive holiday destinations in the world. Among the reasons that make it attractive to buy an apartment in Northern Cyprus, 3 reasons stand out:

    • The fascinating natural beauties and climate of the island of Cyprus
    • Advantages of Northern Cyprus in terms of real estate investment
    • Luxury living standards of apartments for sale in Northern Cyprus

    The island of Cyprus is famous for its legendary natural beauties. The geographical location, climate and historical texture of the island offer an excellent atmosphere. For this reason, it is one of the most dreamed holiday destinations in the world.

    Located in the north of Cyprus, the island of dreams, the TRNC makes distant dreams close for Turkish citizens. Turkish citizens can own a house in a much more advantageous way in the island of Cyprus, which is the dream of people all over the world.

    Buying a house in Cyprus offers much more budget-friendly options compared to house prices in Turkey. In addition, high investment opportunity advantages make Cyprus apartments, residences or villas for sale more attractive. You will get a profitable opportunity with these houses with high rental income.

    Legendary Natural Beauties of Cyprus Island

    Cyprus Kantara Castle

    Cyprus, the love island of Aphrodite, has a fascinating atmosphere. The island's turquoise sea and blue flag beaches offer wonderful opportunities for holidays. It is possible to see the traces of powerful civilizations on the island, which is bursting with natural beauty from all sides.Northern Cyprus, which has countless touristic destinations to visit, is fascinating with its earth, sky and underwater beauties. Some of the world-famous beauties of Northern Cyprus;

    • Karpas Peninsula
    • Salamis Ancient City
    • Bellapais Abbey
    • Kyrenia Castle-Kyrenia Harbour
    • Aphrodite Cliffs
    • Olympos Hill
    • Alagadi Turtle Beach
    • Kantara Castle
    • Dipkarpaz Village
    • Eco-village Baglikoy
    • The vine tree entered the Guinness Book of Records

    Investing by Buying a Flat in North Cyprus

    You can earn money by buying affordable, luxury apartments in Northern Cyprus, which offers great options for investment with its rising real estate values. Buying an apartment in the right location in Northern Cyprus can be a very lucrative investment. You can buy and rent an apartment in regions where rental prices are increasing gradually according to touristic dynamics.

    Long Beach Panorama Flats

    Northern Cyprus offers very advantageous opportunities for real estate investment. Tax and fee reductions, government incentives make buying real estate in Northern Cyprus even more attractive. Housing options seen as lucrative investments in Northern Cyprus;

    • Long Beach Panorama Apartments
    • Four Seasons Life Apartments
    • Four Seasons Life II Apartments
    • Sky Sakarya Apartments
    • Courtyard Long Beach
    • Corner Park Apartments
    • Terrace Park Apartments
    • Golden Residence Apartments

    Living the Luxury Standards of Northern Cyprus

    New housing projects in Northern Cyprus offer luxury and comfortable living opportunities at European standards. You can achieve a perfect quality of life in luxury new housing projects that make you experience the innovative architectural difference with living areas and smart home technologies. The general living standards of Northern Cyprus are also high.

    Culturally, Northern Cyprus is a global island country. It is calm and safe, as well as having a high quality of life. Daily life flows happily and with better quality. It is much easier to take advantage of luxury amenities.

    Northern Cyprus is full of great opportunities for a luxurious and comfortable life. It is possible to buy very luxurious apartments at affordable prices. In terms of holiday opportunities, there are quality options all around. It is possible to live in Cyprus in a much more luxurious and comfortable way.

    The Easy Way to Buy a Luxury Flat in Cyprus at an Affordable Price

    The Easy Way to Buy a Luxury Flat in Cyprus at an Affordable Price

    You can find flat options that offer perfect standards in the best locations in Northern Cyprus with Döveç housing projects. You can take advantage of Döveç guidance to buy a flat in Northern Cyprus smoothly and reliably. You can benefit from the support of our real estate experts in matters such as legal procedures or investment opportunities.

    You can easily evaluate the best apartment options according to your criteria and budget. If you want to make a profit in the short term, you can examine the most suitable apartment opportunities for investment purposes. You can take advantage of Döveç expertise to buy a house in Northern Cyprus in the easiest and most reliable way.

    Döveç company, which stands out with its successful housing projects, offers the easiest and most reliable Cyprus flat purchase opportunities for Turkish citizens. If you are wondering about buying a flat in Cyprus, whether for living or for investment, you can also take a look at the blog post titled "What are the Advantages of Buying a House in Northern Cyprus".

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