Are Houses in Cyprus Earthquake Resistant?

are houses in cyprus earthquake resistant?






    Cyprus is a country located in the third degree seismic belt. Houses in Cyprus have different levels of resistance to earthquakes according to their structural features. In Cyprus, where alluvial areas are abundant, it is highly likely that buildings will be affected by an earthquake. Earthquakes are more severe in alluvial areas. The south of the island of Cyprus is a more risky area in terms of earthquake risk. It is even more important that the buildings in this region are resistant to earthquakes. It is possible to find earthquake resistant house options in newly built housing projects in Cyprus.

    Earthquake Fact in Cyprus

    Earthquake Fact in Cyprus

    Until 2022, there were 15 major earthquakes in Cyprus. Five of these earthquakes are earthquakes with major damage. The earthquake zone, called the Cyprus arc fault line, is located in the south of the island. In this respect, the magnitude of the earthquake in Cyprus may exceed 8. Cyprus is defined as an earthquake country.

    History of Earthquakes in Cyprus

    There have been 15 major earthquakes in Cyprus in the last 130 years. Earthquakes in 1941, 1953, 1995, 1996 and 1999 are the most destructive. The biggest earthquake was the 6.8 magnitude earthquake in 1996.

    Earthquake Risk in Cyprus

    Cyprus is an island country with a high earthquake risk. The fault line passing under Cyprus is a two-sided compressed fault line. The African plate is decisive in the formation of earthquakes in Cyprus.

    Characteristics of Earthquake Resistant Structures

    Earthquake-resistant structures must have certain properties. In order to be earthquake resistant, the hardware characteristics of the buildings must be in the specified features. It should be noted that the structures that will not be affected by the earthquake have the qualifications determined in terms of structural features. The common features of earthquake resistant structures are as follows;

    • The structure should be light
    • The structure should be flexible
    • The structure must be ductile

    Earthquake Resistant Building Materials

    In order to create earthquake resistant structures, it is important to choose the materials used in the structures correctly. Earthquake resistant materials include materials such as steel, wood, graphene.

    Architectural Design and Earthquake Resistance

    The design of earthquake resistant buildings can be possible with architectural approaches. Preferences such as new technologies used in architectural designs and the low number of floors enable the design of buildings that are resistant to earthquakes.

    Earthquake Resistance of Houses Built in Cyprus

    Newly built houses in Cyprus, which is defined as an earthquake zone, are designed in accordance with earthquake regulations. From the materials used to the architectural structure, every detail has the priority of an earthquake-resistant structure.

    Building Standards and Regulations in Cyprus

    There are standards determined in the fields of housing planning, design and implementation in Cyprus. These standards are stated in detail in the housing handbook organized at the Housing Convention. Innovative approaches are adopted in terms of design quality in city-housing-architecture relations.

    Examples of Earthquake Resistant Buildings in Cyprus

    If you are looking for earthquake resistant housing in Cyprus, you can take a look at Döveç Construction's new housing projects. All of the houses in housing projects such as Long Beach Panorama are built to withstand earthquakes. Among the flats for sale in Cyprus, you can see earthquake-resistant luxury residences.

    Things to Consider When Buying an Earthquake-Resistant House

    When buying an earthquake-resistant house, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to its compliance with earthquake regulations. The materials used in the building and the structural features that are resistant to earthquakes in terms of architecture are other issues to be considered. Earthquake resistant building features affect Cyprus house price options.

    Symptoms of Earthquake Resistant Houses

    Symptoms of Earthquake Resistant Houses

    Among the features of earthquake resistant houses, resistance to moisture and water comes to the fore. In addition, the fact that the house was inspected in terms of earthquake risk should be a remarkable feature. You can pay attention to these when looking for a rental apartment in Cyprus.

    Earthquake Insurance and Required Documents When Buying a House

    While taking out compulsory earthquake insurance TCIP, information regarding the insured and the building to be insured must be given. In addition to the name and address of the insured, a mobile phone and a tax identification number are required if the TR identity number is a legal person. The documents required for the building to be insured are; The building's open address (with address code), title deed information, construction style, year of construction, total number of floors in the building and damage are needed.

    Earthquake Resistant House Prices in Cyprus

    It is possible to find earthquake resistant houses in Cyprus at a much more affordable price. You can find newly built, luxury residences at good prices, which are solid and in a very good location.

    The Cost of Earthquake Resistant Houses

    Materials and technologies used in earthquake resistant houses may differ. Therefore, costs may vary. Cyprus offers rich opportunities in terms of earthquake resistant houses.

    Return on Investment Earthquake Resistant Houses

    Earthquake-resistant houses can always come up as more lucrative investment projects. It is important to choose earthquake-resistant houses, whether for living or renting.

    Preferred Places in Cyprus for Earthquake Resistant Houses

    There are earthquake resistant housing options in areas such as the Pier Region, Famagusta and Sakarya Street. You can choose from different regions among Cyprus earthquake resistant houses.

    Regions with Low Earthquake Risk

    The risk of earthquakes is lower in the northern regions of Cyprus. However, in general, you can reduce the risk by choosing earthquake resistant houses in risky areas.

    New Projects with High Earthquake Standards

    New Projects with High Earthquake Standards

    Earthquake resistant structures in new housing projects offer high standards. In Döveç housing projects, earthquake resistant structures are built by paying attention to high quality standards.

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