Maintenance Services

maintenance services

With the industrialization of the developing world and the transition to the information society, there have been some important changes in the social structure.
Today, activities are carried out under the name of care services for the environment in need of care. Thus, various maintenance services such as pool maintenance, apartment-villa cleaning, electricity and water installation, paint and whitewash services are offered. DCS Cleaning and Maintenance Services Ltd., known for its competence and professionalism in maintenance services, provides service in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

DCS Cleaning and Maintenance Services Ltd., which was established within the body of Döveç Group of Companies in 2018; operates in the fields of rental, maintenance and repair, cleaning and apartment management. DCS, which has achieved 100% customer satisfaction in all areas of operation, continues on its way with this aim. In this regard, it offers the highest quality service to its customers at affordable prices. You can also benefit from these services for your site, workplace or home.

Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools must always be hygienic in terms of human health. For this reason, pool maintenance becomes very important. Pool maintenance must be done at regular intervals. However, the maintenance of swimming pools should be entrusted to professional hands. Because it is human health, pool maintenance is a job that requires knowledge and experience, and is especially important in terms of health. DCS Cleaning and Maintenance Services Ltd. performs the routine maintenance of the pools in the best way and offers you a quality service.

There are some important tricks in swimming pool maintenance.

  • First of all, the chemical structure of the pool should be arranged so that the chemical values ​​of the water can be kept at the most suitable levels for the pool.
  • Another important issue is the removal of visible and invisible foreign materials, dust, bacteria and fungi in the swimming pool.
  • Especially filter maintenance is very important in pool maintenance. In pools with a well-functioning filter, the water circulation system is very good, thus removing large particles of dirt.
  • The analysis of the pool water is another step that should not be skipped. The pool water should be checked at regular intervals and it should be determined whether there is an unusual situation.

Apartment and Villa Cleaning

Cleaning of apartments and villas is preferred for many reasons. Among these reasons, individuals do not have the time and energy to clean their homes, and a detailed and hygienic cleaning is demanded after the rental process. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, the issue of hygiene has increased its importance in terms of health.
The procedures included in apartment cleaning in DCS Cleaning and Maintenance Services are as follows;

  • Sweeping and wiping floors
  • Window cleaning
  • Disinfecting common areas
  • Bathroom and kitchen cleaning
  • Dusting furniture, surfaces, baseboards, television, cabinets
  • Emptying the garbage

Thanks to its experienced personnel, DCS provides cleaning services for apartments, houses, workplaces and completed constructions, as well as for the apartments it manages.

Electricity and Plumbing

According to the required electrical load, the cables and other electrical equipment used in the installation should be at a level that can carry this energy load. Electrical installation is an important and important issue for vital safety. If it is installed incorrectly, fire may occur due to overloading and many more various malfunctions may occur.

Electrical installation should be done by experts in the field. It is very important that the elements used in the installation are certified and approved by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). In addition, services are provided in accordance with the installation regulations determined in our country.

Sanitary materials are sinks, shower trays, bathtubs, toilets, drains, taps. Bad smells from sinks, water leaks from plumbing pipes, non-working toilet taps, clogged drains are some of the most important plumbing problems that burden us in our daily lives. You should entrust the laying of electrical and sanitary installations that require expertise to companies that provide professional services. DCS Cleaning and Maintenance Services offers you the best, fastest and highest quality service in this field.

Paint and Whitewash Services

Today, paint and whitewash services are among the services that are offered both personally and institutionally. As a result of the large number of people providing this service, it is quite possible for users to be confused in the market. At this point, there are situations that users should pay attention to and demand from the paint and whitewash master. These situations are:

  • During the painting process, the items in the home, workplace or any other area should be covered and protected.
  • When choosing paint, attention should be paid to the taste of the customer, as well as the wall properties and the materials to be used.
  • The master must use suitable clothes and tools while whitewashing.
  • It is important for human health not to be exposed to the smell of paint for a long time and to ventilate from time to time.
  • You can agree on an estimated delivery date before the job, as paint artists are perceived by customers to deliver the job late.
    It should be the top priority to do the paint and whitewash work in the fastest and most convenient way with 100% quality, workmanship and materials. DCS team, serving in this direction and adopting this morality, carries out the dyeing and whitening processes with the best workmanship and using the highest quality materials with the expert team in the services it provides.

Apartment Cleaning From Outside

We also provide cleaning services in apartments coming from outside, including apartments under our management. The transactions within the scope of these services are as follows;

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Ladder feet cleaning
  • Field clearing
  • Park cleanings

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